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New face for ya'll!


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HI!  Ya'll have probably seen me around the forums and such for a while.  I normally play on Indom but EmmySky is Worldwide and I have decided to dabble in the art of RP.  I've never RP'd before, so if ya'll see me strolling around Pocket D on your shard, please be gentle!


About me:  I'm an old lady who normally goes to bed early (7pm) and gets up early (3 am) because I have an old lady job that requires I be fully coffee'd up and ready to go when I clock in.  Right now, I am on vacation until the 4th so I have a little extra time to experiment in ya'lls world, but these late nights are going to kill me, so maybe I can find an early bird crowd.  I am happily divorced with grown sons (one lives with me, one doesn't) and am ready to play, so ya'll feel free to show me the way, the art, lets dance a tango!

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Hello! I hope you enjoy it, RP is such a great form of expression where you can create something truly yours then allow others to shape that into something that sometimes extends consciousness; sometimes characters write themselves and it's a very strange surreal connection when that happens but I figure that's called immersion, RP at it's best.


Sample all sorts, styles and flavors don't allow anyone to peer pressure or bully you into a pigeon hole, make your own judgement! Stay loyal to character and see the value in tragedy or things you may not think ideal, these events can shape your character in ways you might not of foreseen. And finally realize the distinction between IC/OOC, it's sometimes difficult to not get emotionally invested.


I wish I was discovering Roleplay fresh all over again but if I could dish off some hints to my past self, they'd be these. Have fun with it!

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