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Low-Hanging Fruit Costume Requests


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Allow players to wear:


  • horns with glasses. There are other 'Detail 1' collisions that just don't make sense, but that's the big one.
  • Countess Crey's dress and glasses. The dress'd be ideal for a 'Unique Tops' item.
  • Ouroboros Mender's belt.
  • Cimeroran priestess robes (the two-cape system that Sister Solaris wears). Very few of us are playing CoH on the same computers we were in 2012. I think letting players have access to more intricate combinations will have almost negligible performance impact today for the overwhelming majority of players. I get more fps drop zoning into the unoptimized, but empty Kallisti Wharf than I do into Atlas during a costume contest on a 5yo nvidia adapater.


In lieu of a real RGB slider control addition to the color palette, loosen the validation on colors in .costume files. We know that the engine will support a very broad gamut of RGB colors. (I have screenshots of me demonstrating this when the costume save feature went in.) This would allow players to fix color mismatches that have existed since Issue 1. The few players who use this to make inappropriate costumes will be ignored or reported almost instantly.

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