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As you level up, your characters gain access to Titles from the Trainers. Suddenly "The School Teacher" can become "The Amazing School Teacher". And while I love the many options and combinations available to all Heroes, Villains, and Praetorians, I'd like something more. I'm greedy.


I'd like to have a text box option where I can add my own, custom, titles. I assume these would come with a certain character limit, both in how many characters and which characters can be used. I would also assume they would fall under the same scrutiny as names: no profane, obscene, or hateful, etc, etc. This all comes with the standard, "I have no idea how to code, but have the idea that it's very, very hard" disclaimer, so take this as the wishful thinking it really is.

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Sweet! Can't wait to make:


The Bolgy-Wolgy Noticing

OwO Whats This

Omega Wolf

<Rogue Entertainment>


That is an oddly specific example of what you want, but I'm impressed with the effort you put in to make it look just right for the forums! Personally I would have gone with 'Rouge Entertainment', but to each their own!


I know hoping for controversial discussion on this topic is probably a bit too much, but I'd gladly welcome any opinion you, or others, might have on it.

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