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Build Request: Dark/Sonic


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something I quickly tossed together. Hope it helps as a starting point!  30 def M/R I found allows my poison Corr to tank  just fine on 4/8 54 with the -tohit debuffs added into the mix so should work ideal with the dark def too I assume. ( plus you have the dark heal anyway =p )

Defender - Dark Miasma - Sonic Blast.mxd



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As a short reminder, Howling Twilight is a great tool even when soloing. Auto hit Stun, auto hit slow, auto hit -regen - aoe even. I alternate HT with fearsome stare to take the bite out of the first strike from foes. Screech used with Howling Twilight is an amazing combo.


Reminder #2. Dark Servant has one of the strongest -tohit debuffs in the game that goes with all his other abilities that have -tohit debuff. Smart dark defenders hide in the Dark Servant's Chill of the Night when the going gets rough. Plus, it's a great place to be when Dark Servant uses his Twilight Grasp.



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