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Arachnos Soldier Costume Bugs


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2 bugs:


1. Constantly being charged at least 200,000 inf each time I go to the costume designer, even if I am just recolor-ing. For me, it is saying I'm constantly changing my ears. 


2. Wolf Collars are no longer visible when you select "Wolf." You are stuck with only one option called "Wolf" and it is not visible. When selecting "Wolf & Helm", it is working as intended i.e. there is the option of both Wolf 1 (collar invisible) and Wolf 2 (collar visible)


These two bugs seem to be tied. When I go to preview other ear options, the chest plate completely vanishes from the costume. However, re-clicking "Wolf" on collar shows it again. 

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I believe the issue here is that the breast plate and collar piece (one object) is in the Cranium geo, which is where the ear options are, as well as using the Cranium bodypart. The costume editor only allows you to use one costume part per bodypart typically, so it's automatically clearing the other option.


I'll see if I can get a fix for this soon, thanks for pointing this out.

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