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Game Crash no error message


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Need some help with the game crashing but no error message appearing. It does it alot and at different times. The game freezes and then takes me back to desktop. It does it on both 32 and 64 bit and the crashes are not in the same places like going into missions or zoning. They are very random. I have a Windows PC now and would love to group but can't as I never know when it will crash. Thanks for the help. And it's doing it on Tequila and the homecoming loader too. (love the homecoming loader btw. Nice look)

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Does the game not give you an option to send a crash report? Can you double-check to see if you have a "Crash" folder anywhere in your CoH or Homecoming directories? If you do, and you see files in there, please PM me with the most recent crash file (the .report file please, not the rar archive); for your privacy and security, do NOT attach this file as a reply, as the reports will have some of your account info coded into them.

Unfortunately, given the lack of information, there's a lot that could be going on. Hardware failure, malware, or Antivirus interference are the most likely culprits, though you might also have a bad install, too. And unfortunately, these all would open up different paths to a solution.

First things first, update your antivirus and do a full scan on your computer. If you have a dedicated anti-spy and malware app, such as Spybot S&D or MalewareBytes, run one of those, as well, once the virus scan is finished.

Once you're sure your PC isn't compromised, turn off any real-time protection on your Antivirus and see if CoH runs smoothly then. Make sure NO other apps or programs are running, especially those that connect to the internet, as you don't want to leave yourself vulnerable while your AV is off!

If you're still experiencing crashes, turn your antivirus back on, and Verify/re-validate your CoH install. In HC Launcher, click the "..." under the Play button, which will have that option there. On Tequila, click "options" and find the "Re-validate" button at the bottom.

Make sure CoH isn't installed in the windows directory or anything like that. Best place would be something like C:/Games/CoH or D:/CoH. If it's in C:/Windows/CoH, that's a problem, and you should uninstall it, then re-install somewhere else. Don't worry, your characters won't be deleted, they're safe on our server!

If none of these seems to be the cause or cure for your crashing, then it's probably hardware related, unless I missed something else obvious. What you can do is press the Windows/Start button, and in the little command box, type dxdiag and hit enter. Once the little green bar is finished loading up and vanishes, you can click through the tabs/pages and see if it reports any issues. If you want one of us to take a look at it for you. click "Save All Information", and save that file somewhere you can access it easily, like your desktop. Open this file up, and make sure it doesn't have any Personal Identifying Information (This is unlikely, unless for some reason you named your computer something like your name or social security number; this would be displayed near the top of the text file). Then, once you've saved any changes, attach the file to your reply here, or again, PM me with the file, and we'll see if anything looks off.

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also it could be the graphic driver of the gpu just had a malfunction... had that once back on live, when driver got corrupted. It still worked but randomly crashed... the message shows up only short time so its easy to miss. Reinstalling/Updating driver could help.


The windows logs should show it, computer management - event display - windows protocols

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