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  1. So, a couple things. First, Homecoming wants to be as professional and above-the-table as possible. All of our content is made in-house, so there's no question about whether something "belongs" to someone or what happens to it if they leave the team or no longer play on the server or what have you. There's enough hard feelings going around when we release a feature that looks anything like what someone else may have done, so it'd be a huge can of worms if we just dipped into the "community pool" so to speak and just plugged stuff in. Additionally, there's an issue of compatibility. Witho
  2. I know the Devs like to keep things close to the vest, but I don't see any harm in admitting that, as far as I'm aware (and maybe I'm mistaken), there's no plans for Gadgetry to appear in the next Page (which is otherwise shaping up nicely so far!). Beyond that is up to them, and is anyone's guess 😃
  3. Hey all, not trying to come off as censoring discussion, but, can we ixnay on the server drama stuff? Thanks 😃
  4. Moved thread to the Help section; carry on!
  5. This whole last page has been charming, but I think we've all had enough of this convo for now.
  6. So, there IS a newer set of drivers available for your video card than what's shown here, and your Open GL version is WAY behind (at 1.1; it's at 3.6 or something right now). Try Downloading the drivers from this site (Win10 64 bit version): https://www.amd.com/en/support/graphics/amd-radeon-5500-series/amd-radeon-rx-5500-series/amd-radeon-rx-5500-xt You may have to uninstall your current drivers first, though in my experience, modern setup wizards are pretty good at doing that for you as part of the update process. So just download and run the driver package. Let me know if this sol
  7. First, try Windows Update if you haven't already. Second, when you updated your drivers, did you uninstall the old ones first? In any case, can you post your system specs, so we have a better idea what we're dealing with?
  8. Summary: Deleting a chat tab can sometimes cause a player to leave the channel that was linked in that tab. To reproduce: Join a global chat channel. Add that channel to it's own tab. REMOVE the channel from any other tabs (It's probably automatically in the default "Chat" tab). Delete the Tab you made. The game will then remove you from the channel. Possible cause: The game has nowhere else to put messages for that channel, so it simply removes you. Unknown if this is intended behavior or not.
  9. So, good news/bad news. Good news is, instead of closing this thread (Sorry, @Ghost!), I simply hid half the posts where people were subtly comparing each other to nazis and arguing semantics. Bad news is there isn't much thread left, and the next person who tries to Godwin the topic is getting a VERY long time out.
  10. While we sadly don't have a subforum dedicated to arm pits, I figure Comic Hero/Villain culture is a close second, so I moved the thread there 😃
  11. How about I nerf this thread =P Please post serious feedback/suggestions only. The devs are less likely to take ANYONE's suggestions if they have to wade through spam/joke threads. Thank you.
  12. Yeah, things are getting bad here, so....
  13. @Zed, can you PM me the name and server of that character?
  14. @InvaderStych, @Clave Dark 5, @chant21, and @GGamerGirl, can you please PM me with affected character names and what server(s) they're on?
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