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  1. While we would want to prioritize objects that are completely enclosed in terrain so that they are unclickable, anything that's more than, say, 50% in the terrain would be fair game for checking out. The issue is that maps don't have objects baked into them, they have object spawn points (something I'm sure anyone who's messed around with making missions in AE can attest). So a "stick of dynamite" object would look fine in a certain spot, but a desk, being much larger, might clip partially through the terrain, so that's probably something we'd want to look at, though it would be a lower-pri
  2. Please use this thread to report instances where a glowie has spawned inside of terrain. Please provide as much information as possible, especially screenshots and a /loc. Note for Players: You won't have access to the map name, so always try to get GM assistance with these so we can do so, as well as complete the mission for you 😃 However, if it's a non-random map that always occurs in a specific instance (like in most TFs or story arcs), then that will suffice. However, "A Council radio in PI, it was in the sewers" probably won't narrow it down! EDIT: Scratch that, you can use the comm
  3. You should be able to use the big crystal in Ouro to teleport right to him.
  4. Within First Ward and Night Ward, the south-west "Shadowed/Lighted" paths do not render the intended environmental FX. The "Shunt" temp power still pops up, and the other paths seem to work fine, but just these two don't activate.
  5. According to some bug reports we've gotten: in the 1st mission of Mako's Patron arc, there are two combat-able Arachnos hostages that need to be rescued. However, sometimes they are guarded by Spines/* Longbow Wardens, whose auras kill the hostages before a player can retrieve them. This makes the mission unable to be completed.
  6. @RMS33 If we "operated like a typical corporation", I wouldn't have made that remark 😃 But if you want to be all serious about it, fine. I'm not 100% sure what the leads are looking for when they review chat logs, but the let ME in of all people, and I'm a hot mess who embarrasses themselves on the daily! So unless you're literally breaking our rules by engaging in hate speech, RMT, underage ERP, have an account full of copyright violations, or you're just a pedantic asshat in chat, you should be fine. It's less about being a good fit, and more about making sure we're not putting a rule-bre
  7. It's the same thing as a background check, just, in-game. We have to make sure you're not some "pineapple on pizza"-loving heathen!
  8. What @El D said; it's a SG Mode thing. Let us know if turning off SG Mode doesn't fix it!
  9. Hi! It's a new feature reminding you not to copy DC comics characters. It's strange that "No Marvel" isn't showing up, though. I'M KIDDING; Real answer below: This has to do with your NVidia settings and preferences. You might want to poke around with those. According to this reply about a similar issue, a poster recommends deleting a certain file first; doing so resets your preferences (navigate to "C:\ProgramData\NVIDIA Corporation\Drs" and delete the file named "nvdrssel.bin"). However, before you go around deleting files, I recommend playing around with your NVidia Control Panel
  10. To answer the actual question within the post, and not the clickbait-y question in the title: Yes, different settings will make your character look different than what you might intend. The Cel Shader especially messes with colors a bit, so your purple costume might look a bit more red to the viewer. But, if that's how someone enjoys seeing the in-game world, well, there's not much that can be done about that. That being said, at least for Homecoming's Official Contests, we don't use the Cel shader when judging entrants. Your bog-standard CC under Atlas? Well, that's up to whoever is runnin
  11. The power claims that it takes Arachnos ATOs. However, it doesn't actually do so. Given that the Arachnos ATOs are basically a damage enhancement set, it makes sense that they wouldn't go into a control power that doesn't deal damage.
  12. So, this is a good question, and it's one that we need to have an internal discussion about. That said, take this post with a grain of salt, and err on the side of caution. But for now... It depends on the song, and how you want to use it. I'm going to say, for now, try to avoid using any music already popularly associated with existing characters. This is because the temptation would be too great to feature those characters (or something close), and you'd probably end up breaking our CoC, and we'd have to bring down the banhammer. Here's a few examples: Any theme from any Superher
  13. You have me confused with Enchanted Impervium, but either way, you're very welcome 😃 Keep the vids coming, folks!
  14. Spent an hour figuring this one out tonight. When you go to test your AE mission, it doesn't always grant you the badges for testing an arc. You have to make a change to the arc, and then select "Save and Test" from within the editor. If you just click "Test" from your main browser, you're still in Test Mode, but the game won't grant the badges. At least, that was my experience with tonight. Affected Badges (may not be a complete list, but I was unable to confirm or write-off the others): Virtual Extractor Virtual Destruction Virtually Impulsive If anyone has any corrobora
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