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  1. So, turn every zone in the game EXCEPT FW into a PvP zone? You got it! All we gotta do is flip a switch and it's done! Great idea, TVT! On a serious note, I can see why some may find SoH is kinda... boring. He's just a bag of HP that flies in circles. PERSONAL OPINION: The Seed should be able to extract himself from his flight path (probably a technical impossibility), and directly target and move towards and away from characters like a normal NPC. Have him dive into the water, then fly back out and ambush someone; have him be able to just eat a character no matter how high their HP is (do
  2. Hey all! So the whole "Does Mez belong in the game/what function should it have/who should it affect" convo is a fun and all, and while I know it's tangentially related to the use of RoP, how about we take it somewhere else (or even better, just drop it for now) and allow this thread to serve it's purpose for general Page 2 feedback? Thanks!
  3. Probably not, but that sounds hilarious! I MEAN It probably has to do with the jump buff expiring before you have a chance to land. Or if you're jumping to a surface that's lower than where you started, that might do it, too. What other powers or buffs, if any, are you using when this happens?
  4. Fun tidbit: He originally WAS going to be the contact for the TF after WWD, but the Devs decided it would be more thematically fitting for Recluse's Niece to spearhead the TF. They just hand-waved her being in two places at once. Atlas is where she is when you're starting your career as a hero and you need her help to learn the ropes. Once you're a high-level hero who's come into their own and you're ready to save the world, SHE now needs YOUR help. It's quite a fitting bookend-esque situation... if only she wasn't literally in two places at once. Also, BaBs DOES serve a purpose in that all
  5. *sigh* I knew this was going to come up. Other than what @Grouchybeast and @TemporalVileTerror said (both excellent posts, btw!), I will make one distinction clear: This thread is about E-RP. Most "grey area" character concepts may still engage in normal, non-adult role-play, as long as they don't venture into adult themes or come off as intentionally fetishistic on their own. Use your best judgement. My PERSONAL suggestion (though don't take this as an Official Homecoming work-around, as other GMs or staff may disagree and take action against offending accounts): Treat such
  6. Hard "NO" on anything in that last sentence, especially the last part. If you're under 18, don't advertise it. Basic online safety 101. Only say so as a tool to get out of a bad situation (and then report the person harassing you so that we can take action). That said, don't lie about your age, either. You can just say "I'm a minor" and leave it at that. If someone presses for specifics, that's probably a red flag. If you're over 18, pretending to be a minor (either IRL or in-character) for the purpose of inviting ERP, for whatever reason or end-goal, will result in an account ban. An
  7. @J_Wolf_13 I wanted to take a moment to answer your concerns more directly. First, colorful superheroes aside, we do not consider this a "kid's game". We do not allow anyone under 13 to play on our servers, if that's any indication (if you find out someone under 13 is playing here, let us know). That said, we also strive to keep any content one may experience in the realm of "PG-13" (Character names, appearances, and Bios; public chat in zones; AE missions, etc). We do our best to moderate anything that goes beyond that general "PG-13" rating. However, many reasonable people can (and do) di
  8. That's the sticky part. The guidelines are there, and we (the GM team) need to be free to engage discretion when enforcing them. If we list bullet point by bullet point what is and isnt't allowed, we'll just end up alienating otherwise innocent players, while purposefully toxic ones will try to rules-lawyer their way into being allowed to straddle the line. And no one wants that.
  9. As a follow up to the above: Having an [ERP] tag in a bio is not actionable. A bio stating in explicit detail what kinds of sexual situations they like to engage in would probably get the axe. Anywhere in between would be up to the discretion of the GM answering the complaint.
  10. Okay, so, this topic deserves a more succinct response than I can type out right now, BUT... ERP is allowed AS LONG AS: It is done so privately All parties involve consent NO MINORS ARE INVOLVED. This means either a Player OR Character. Any and all accounts involved in underaged ERP will be banned without notice. Please report anyone either trying to ERP with or as a minor (under 18 years). Will probably follow up later with more detail if needed.
  11. Bug that's already been fixed internally (The recharge is not supposed to be affected by global recharge buffs enhancements, but it is at the moment - Thanks for the correction, @Captain Powerhouse)
  12. Closing thread as per OP's request 😃
  13. Hey all; Just a reminder to keep discussions/debates to a minimum, please!
  14. Funny thing about that. We prefer qualified, objective feedback based on testing and first-hand experience, not "armchair patch-note reading". Not that armchair patch-note reading is always a bad thing. If there was a patch note that said "All summoned Pets will now be a non-combat Baby New Year", that would be objectively awful (and okay, kinda hilarious), and I would hope that the developers would take the flood of angry/confused/objecting comments seriously before fully committing to that path. But in this case? You seem to be letting your competitive instinct guide your opinion on th
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