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  1. Hiya! Does the game not give you an option to send a crash report? Can you double-check to see if you have a "Crash" folder anywhere in your CoH or Homecoming directories? If you do, and you see files in there, please PM me with the most recent crash file (the .report file please, not the rar archive); for your privacy and security, do NOT attach this file as a reply, as the reports will have some of your account info coded into them. Unfortunately, given the lack of information, there's a lot that could be going on. Hardware failure, malware, or Antivirus interference are the most likely culprits, though you might also have a bad install, too. And unfortunately, these all would open up different paths to a solution. First things first, update your antivirus and do a full scan on your computer. If you have a dedicated anti-spy and malware app, such as Spybot S&D or MalewareBytes, run one of those, as well, once the virus scan is finished. Once you're sure your PC isn't compromised, turn off any real-time protection on your Antivirus and see if CoH runs smoothly then. Make sure NO other apps or programs are running, especially those that connect to the internet, as you don't want to leave yourself vulnerable while your AV is off! If you're still experiencing crashes, turn your antivirus back on, and Verify/re-validate your CoH install. In HC Launcher, click the "..." under the Play button, which will have that option there. On Tequila, click "options" and find the "Re-validate" button at the bottom. Make sure CoH isn't installed in the windows directory or anything like that. Best place would be something like C:/Games/CoH or D:/CoH. If it's in C:/Windows/CoH, that's a problem, and you should uninstall it, then re-install somewhere else. Don't worry, your characters won't be deleted, they're safe on our server! If none of these seems to be the cause or cure for your crashing, then it's probably hardware related, unless I missed something else obvious. What you can do is press the Windows/Start button, and in the little command box, type dxdiag and hit enter. Once the little green bar is finished loading up and vanishes, you can click through the tabs/pages and see if it reports any issues. If you want one of us to take a look at it for you. click "Save All Information", and save that file somewhere you can access it easily, like your desktop. Open this file up, and make sure it doesn't have any Personal Identifying Information (This is unlikely, unless for some reason you named your computer something like your name or social security number; this would be displayed near the top of the text file). Then, once you've saved any changes, attach the file to your reply here, or again, PM me with the file, and we'll see if anything looks off.
  2. So I tested this myself, and a few things became apparent. The description of the ATO is using depreciated terminology. Currently, all procs use a PPM (Procs per minute) rating instead of a flat, percentage-based chance. PPM decreases when the power has a natively low recharge, and/or when the power is enhanced with a lot of recharge reduction. IIRC, the optimal proc rate of 3.5 PPM occurs in powers with an 8 second base recharge, and no recharge reduction enhancement. And unfortunately, the ATO procs come bundled with recharge enhancement. And you're putting it into a power with a base recharge of 1.5 seconds. So, that alone is enough to floor any chance of the proc going off. However, where I think we may have a bug is that the proc seems designed to go off whenever you use different attacks, other than the one it's slotted in. Which would make sense for a Kheldian, as there's a chance that you would lose access to the power/proc depending on what form you're in. Either that, or it's very poorly worded and is trying to mean "You can place this enhancement into most attack powers". Can any other Peacebringers/Warshade users confirm/deny that this is their experience, as well?
  3. Hiya! Not having it on the C drive shouldn't be an issue, in fact, that would prevent a lot of issues. First, you need to have a CoH directory already set up, and then a SEPARATE Directory for HC Launcher. So basically you would need D:/CityofHeroes (or CoH or whatever), and then D:/Homecomming. If you didn't have any trace of CoH on your computer previously, then HC Launcher should have DL'd it for you. I also saw the support ticket you sent in; Make sure you're trying to run HC Launcher, and not the cityofheroes.exe directly.
  4. Just a heads up: If anyone ever encounters an issue being stuck in their base, or finds they've done something where they can't get into editing mode or whatever, you can always file a /petition, and if a GM is on and available, we'll be able to more readily see the request for help and be able to assist you! That said, I want to thank @Dacy for stepping up and offering assistance!
  5. Is there anyway you could hardwire the connection, instead of relying on wireless? Additionally, try restarting the modem (and any routers), just to get that step out of the way.
  6. Right-click on Invicibility to "lock" its description in the info panel. There will be a little green and red slider at the bottom of this window. See here:
  7. Just curious: when you save Wincott and get the rewards, are you exiting and returning to the contact, or are you quitting the trial via the option in your team window?
  8. So, I know this is a bad look, and I apologize. But, our answer was not to answer. Basically, we have nothing to hide, but we also don't want to foster an expectation that we'll provide any and all data at any given time. I hope that answer isn't too off-putting. However, I'll throw those who are curious a bone, provided they're willing to dig for it. Cipher made a post last... May or March? Detailing HC's population, its growth and losses, etc. You can find that post, extrapolate the data trend and probably come up with a fair estimate as to where we're at now. That said, it's already getting heated in here, so I'm going to remind everyone about our golden rule: Be excellent to each other!
  9. @Marine X Did you kill Crow in a previous arc? In either case, this all may warrant some investigation.
  10. Hiya! I'm unfortunately off to work, so I won't have the ability to look into this until after; in the meantime, any chance you can provide a current screenshot of your status bar? For anyone else reading this, have you ever had this happen where your XP bar filled and went over, but then you didn't level up?
  11. CoH can be "multiboxed" on a single computer fairly easily, unless it's a total potato or is more than a decade old. You may lose some FPS if both instances are running at max detail, but if you're just taking pictures, you should be fine. If need be, you can lower the settings on your main account to reduce load, since you'll be flying around with your "camera" where you'll need the resources most. I believe Tequilla has the ability to run multiple instances of CoH by default. For HC Launcher, you'll have to go into options and check a box. Then, just hit the "Play" button twice, and you're good to go! (but again, you WILL need 2 accounts)
  12. Just popping back in for a sec to remind everyone to keep things civil and to be excellent to each other 😃 And, as an aside, I do want to say that we are still looking into this. However, experience has shown that when we make a sweeping change, sometimes things get overlooked, or there's unintended consequences, or whatever. I'm sure everyone knows about the adjustment to /ebfp, and the introduction of LRTP and all that, and how through feedback we added more powers, and changed requirements, and kept going back and forth, and no matter what, some people were still... not very happy. Well, guess what? On top of all of that, if you transfer between shards, LRTP no longer works (Pro tip, don't transfer characters right now, it breaks LRTP). So THAT's broken, and we're still trying to fix it. Note that this is NOT the thread to discuss these changes, but I bring them up to draw a hypothetical comparison: If we're going to do this? We have ONE shot. We won't get weeks of fine tuning, and adjustments, and feedback. We'll code it in, flip the switch, and it's DONE. And if there's just one misplaced argument, or IF statement, or 1 or 0? Then it might make all CURRENT names unlocked, and suddenly you'll see someone with YOUR main's name in Atlas broadcast screaming out for DFB. Or maybe everything will seem fine until you transfer servers, and despite the name being available, it gets lost in the void and becomes unclaimable. Or someone else transfers onto your sever and takes your name WHILE you're playing that character! All the same people who want names freed up, are the same people who are most likely to be negatively impacted if things go wrong. So we HAVE to get it right the first time. It's a huge undertaking, so we just ask for patience while we dot our i's and cross our t's. Thank you 😃 (Note that I'm not trying to be the final word on this, feel free to continue exchanging ideas, but again, please keep it civil!)
  13. EBs do not spawn "naturally". You have to create a "Fight a Boss" objective, and specify the EB as the "boss". Many missions will sometimes just fill the whole map with these sorts of objectives, so that each group has an EB or AV in it. Good luck with your creation!
  14. For full XP, a group has to have Minions, LTs, and Bosses (EB/AV not required, though any group with EBs/AVs must have the other three to receive full XP on the EBs/AVs as well). This is to discourage people from making an "all boss" group, for example. As for specific composition, the game "randomly" picks from available units, based on the player's number of teammates (or their difficulty rating, whichever is higher). For 1 player, the game usually picks 3 minions for a group, but a single LT standing by themselves isn't unheard of. At 2 players, you usually add an extra minion or LT in a group, or you'llg et a group of 2 LTs and 2 Minions. At 3, it starts to put bosses in, sometimes at the expense of a minion or LT, but sometimes not (someone feel free to correct me on this point!). Having "bosses disabled" will still spawn bosses, but downgrade them to LTs (and it will downgrade any EBs into Bosses). This is something you can NOT control for. If you want a spawn to have three LTs and only three LTs, someone can come it at x1 and only see 1 LT, while someone else can come it at x8 and see like 6-10 of them. Some specific missions in the game subvert these rules (TFs with multiple EB/AVs in a group, for example), but those are hand-coded to be exceptions, and are not available for use in AE missions.
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