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Costume loading issue


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I have a Female Crab-Spider. When I went to the tailor all the other costume slots didn't show my main costume so I saved it and then selected slot #2. When I then tried to load the costume I just saved I get the attached errors and choosing "Attempt Fix" does not work. I also attached the costume file. Also you loose many of the parts you had and they are not selectable again so something about the initial build that isn't available later.


2021-01-19 12_05_38-Dark Astoria.jpg


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That likely happened because only the first slot for a VEAT is allotted to the costume associated with those AT's. Since they're NPC costumes or whatever, any other slots you use cannot use those pieces. So if you want to have that arachnos look, you have to stick with modifying your first slot.

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