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  1. Absolutely. I consider myself a pretty average/novice gamer, but I definitely think these numpad binds have made a huge difference in how I play my MM's. I still sometimes forget to do something exactly right in a group, or actually command the pet tiers separately, but I can't stress enough how amazing these are for keeping your pets under thumb.
  2. @TrixieKixx I hope to be there on Phoenixia - Thugs/TA MM as a Phoenix (if phoenix doesn't count I'll change it to something else 🙂 )
  3. I've never made a build anway, so I'm not the person to ask for that sort of thing anyhow. 😅 A lot of times with MM's, you can mash builds together; find someone who's slotted EA in a way that looks good, then find someone who's done the same for beasts and put 'em together and see what works.
  4. Beasts/EA should work just fine, though it will be extremely busy as beasts is one of the few primaries you want to take and use your personal attacks to build stacks so your beasts crit. I have one of these, but it's sitting at like level 18 and I haven't played her in months, so I can't comment too much to it until I break her out again.
  5. Sorry y'all, I won't be able to make it today.
  6. If you're going to make your first MM ever, I'd probably steer clear of the melee pets, especially fast ones like beasts. Unless you exclusively solo, those pets have a nasty habit of running about and aggroing extra groups. Your best bet is to start with any of the ranged pet sets (mercenaries, bots, demons). Necro would be an okay melee pet set since they shamble instead of zoom. For secondaries, anything you're familiar with from other AT's works, FF is a good starter choice as it's hands off and lets you get used to learning to control the pets. Sets like Electric Affinity are
  7. Ninja/sonic ought to be an interesting combo; you'll have to let us know how that experience goes, lol.
  8. I rather enjoy my necro/sonic MM, probably more than I liked necro/nature (though I'm debating recreating this combo). Necro/cold has the potential to be amusing as well. There's a thread floating around here somewhere that makes mercs/nature seem interesting if you want a more tactical/in-depth playstyle. My bots/nature/fire is probably one of my most favorite MM's. Similar to the mercs/nature strategy, I lay down the faerie patch, command the bots into it, and then set them loose. I'm not good with epic pools, I just went fire as it kind of fits the theme/concept and allows her t
  9. I'm down with a sea monster crashing the beach day fun. 😜
  10. @TrixieKixx I'll bring Foxie Heart - Arachnos Soldier
  11. I won't be there next week; I thought I've heard that Kahn can be one of those super long ones. And I just need a bit of a break.
  12. Okay....? Having a tween isn't necessary to complete the survey, though having a tween girl, or just a daughter in general, would make it more relevant to someone answering the questions.
  13. There's literally an entire thread dedicated to typos stickied to the top of the Bug Reports forum...
  14. Hey y'all! I'm back again with another project I'm working on for a class. For anyone interested, please fill out this brief survey to help me gather some data about a fictional clothing line I'm trying to develop. https://forms.gle/gHGLPJT3ys5qMCXZ9 It's all anonymous; I'm not collecting your personal data or anything, just the answers to my questions. Thank you in advance! This community is fabulous!
  15. Environmentabot - Bots/Nature MM will be reporting for duty to help rebuild.
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