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  1. Aw, thank you! That's too kind! 😄 I look forward to using that for more mitigation for my MM. ❤️
  2. Oooo, this is a tough question because I'm an altoholic and MM's are one of my favorite alts! And most of them are still babies, so my perspective is a bit skewed for now. Mercs/Storm is a combo I want to get around to, especially since they'll be getting a minor buff with this next patch. Let's see... my Bots/Nature MM ended up being surprise amounts of fun and effective. My Ninja/Cold is looking to be pretty fun so far. And my Demons/Storm is always fun--just picked up the Fire epic on her so it's even more like bringing about the apocalypse.
  3. I don't farm or play the market much, so I don't have a ton of inf lying around, but I will have to look into the Overwhelming Force enhancement. The character is only level 10ish still, so not sure what level that attunes down to. And yes, I have heard that about infrigidate, so thank you for the reminder! I like taking personal attacks on MM's occasionally as well, and I believe I've seen that I can proc out the personal ninja attacks as well. I opted to run a bank mish with her, which ended up being an interesting experiment. Died twice (I rarely purchase insp's so t
  4. Hopefully now that I have a screenshot, this will explain it a bit more clearly. 😄 It's not a dumb question at all; I realized my hasty explanation might be a bit confusing, especially if there's a language barrier. So, now with a pic! 😄 So the yellow circle on the bottom right is what I was referring to as the "2 piece circle" to look for. Clicking that will unlink your costume colors so that you can color all pieces independently of each other (with it checked, every piece will be colored the same in one fell swoop). I pretty much always unlink my colors, so I think that is some o
  5. You know that sort of two piece circle thing that lets you break up the colors? Well, for certain costume parts (shoulders, gloves, boots), that same two piece circle thing is there. You click it to break the circle (like with costume colors), and that allows you to pick different pieces for shoulders, gloves, and boots. I hope that makes sense.
  6. So, I have a Ninja/Time MM but I actually haven't found it all that enjoyable to play and level, lol. I struggled a bit soloing with it; ended up dragging it to an MSR to gain some levels. But after seeing @CaptainLupis's post, I decided to give Ninjas/Cold a try. So far this experience has been a lot better. I ran her through the first mission in the Cellfire AE arc to level 8, then took her out to Port Oakes for some paper mishes. So far she is soloing quite lovely. I'm only running +0/x1, but the shields appear to be keeping the genin alive quite nicely, occasionally popping some inspiratio
  7. You are correct. A few of us just did 3 rolls like Troo did in the OP so we'd have some options to choose from in case we hated the initial set of rolls given. 🙂
  8. I concur with Midnyte, @TrixieKixx; you really have outdone yourself with these themes! I can't believe I got this name, but for next week I'll be bringing Kit Kat Bar - TW/Nin Scrapper
  9. Funny, Everlasting's community views this totally differently. Not only do we not have an issue with 50's showing up, we have 50's who will gladly volunteer to give up their spots so a lower level toon can participate in the MSR. We run two raids a night; if someone wants to take up hosting one for only high level toons, they're welcome to do so.
  10. These colors were a bit of a challenge to work with, but the theme struck me with great inspiration! I've always wanted to use the princess hat costume piece but had never quite had a concept that fit until after reading the spoiler for this week's theme: Ever After. Presenting Princess Tahlia. No, she's not a real princess, just a mentally unstable woman desperate to find her Prince Charming. However, it wasn't happening. Her madness and desperation mutated and twisted her. If her Prince Charming wouldn't find her, then she would hunt for him instead; gods be damned she would get
  11. Just to note, here you have this as Week 4, however, according to the first page, this should be Week 6
  12. So, I made 2 of the 3 rolls I got to keep to the spirit of this idea, but man is the Psy/Elec stalker just kind of... not fun. I know resist sets aren't great for stalkers anyway (though the tweaks made to Elec Armor for stalkers don't seem too terrible) and that psy melee is pretty meh in general. We'll see if I keep going with her. However, my Plant/Fire dom is fun and got renamed and revamped a bit into Faetalia. She also did an MSR that got her to 22, got kitted out with basic IO's, then I did some solo missions on her. Faetalia's new look.
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