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  1. I finally came up with names for my pets on my demon/cold MM, Sara Falin. Demon Prince - Russia. Because he's the biggest and tallest demon and she can see him from her house. 😜 Demons - Republican & Party Demonlings - Alaska, Freedom, and Justice
  2. I know, right? I've been cracking up. 🤣
  3. @TraumaTrain October 3 put me down for Tyger Darkstorm - dark/storm corruptor October 10 put me as a *maybe* for Sara Falin - demon/cold MM October 17 put me down for Fire's Embrace - fire/savage tanker October 24 put me down for Lola Huntress - night widow
  4. Aw, @Midnyte, your pics look great!
  5. If it's like our fire theme, it just means that at least 1 powerset on your AT/character of choice should be dark. So your dark/fire blaster would be fine. Whether you choose to theme the costume and powers is up to you. 🙂 We had green and blue fire with us today.
  6. Same! Happy to help keep my favorite pastime running. 🙂
  7. Hi! That was my post over on Reddit; I was hoping we'd see you here soon! 😄 I look forward to you being able to join us when you are able. This group is so laid back and fun. They keep letting me back around even though my 3 year old seems determined to undermine my ability to do these. 😂
  8. Well, had been wanting to do energy melee on a tanker after seeing Sir Myshkin got some decent damage out of it with procs, but not paired with Invuln. I already follow @Camel's guide for a fire/dark controller that's fun, so here I've gone and rolled a FA/EM tanker to try this guide as well. 😄
  9. Well, I'm tickled pink that I managed to get (The) Mighty Mini for my minitaur FA/Energy Melee Tanker.
  10. On Everlasting I was surprised to get Howling Shadow for my Dark/Sonic Defender (he's a werewolf), Polly Shockit (Elec/EA Controller; play on 90's toy Polly Pocket), Energizer Bunnie (Energy/Energy Blaster who is a pink bunny), Lil Bo Peep (Staff/Energy Aura Stalker), and the name I was most surprised to get was Bio Warfare for my AR/Bio Sent that I rolled for the random idea thread.
  11. I made Apocalyptica a younger sister by the name of Apocawolf. She's a beasts/thermal MM and is 10 years old and a hero (whereas her sister is a villain). Apocawolf started down the same path her sister did, but couldn't bring herself to go that far into the occult after seeing it completely overtake her sister. Anyway, this has led to her pets not really seeming very threatening but being given a little kid's equivalent of "scary" sounding names. Her Howler Wolves are Scary, Meanie, and Fright. Her Lions are Beast and Demon. Her Dire Wolf will be named Hell Hound when she gets him.
  12. @oodadoo I consider ghosts to be undead, personally, at least in this context. Not sure what else you would consider them. Your blaster looks great!
  13. Ok, so I realized I wouldn't want to roll an EAT for this as I already have 1 of each, so I did my rolls based off of Terror's initial list without them. AT: 72 - Sentinel Primary: 8 - Assault Rifle Secondary: 6 - Bio Armor So one of the best armor sets in the game with one of the worst blast sets, lol. Let's do this. I was kind of surprised how quickly a concept came to me for this character; to the point I couldn't fit her whole bio in it so I'll have to go back and tweak it. Meet Ramiel Fenton, aka Bio Warfare (still can't believe I got that name). Former army soldier Ramiel Fenton had limped her way into Frozen Felonies for a sweet treat to try and take her mind off her pain and depression after having been honorably discarged. Little did she know that day would change her fate. An energy beam blew through the building, knocking Ramiel off her feet and throwing her against a wall. She awoke a few days later in the Atlas Park hospital, trying to make sense of what the nurses were babbling at her. She waved them away to give herself a chance to think. Taking stock of her body, she didn't notice too many injuries... In fact, she didn't feel any pain at all, not even in the bummed leg that had gotten her discharged from the army in the first place! She did feel different after the incident at Frozen Felonies... Her body almost tingled with life and energy, her skin capable of hardening into a sort of biological armor at will. In disbelief and excitement, Ramiel left the hospital, excited to be able to protect and serve once again, this time as one of the superheroes of Paragon City. She dubbed herself Bio Warfare.
  14. Howling Twilight does not need a team to be useful; its debuffs are plenty useful on their own and the power should be getting used regularly! It's an autohit stun to all mobs around your target that also provides a hefty amount of -regen (which I believe stacks with the big bot's -regen).
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