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  1. @TraumaTrain Scratch what I originally said; I won't be able to make it tomorrow. We're having family come over and decorating for Christmas so I'll be busy all day.
  2. EEEEEEE!! Omg you have no idea how excited I am to see Jet Jaguar roll across this thread!! I was a huge Godzilla nerd as a kid and this movie was one of the few I owned on VHS. Love your interpretation of Jet Jag-u-ar (always got a kick of how they say it in the movie; I can't say his name any other way, lol). 😄
  3. Eeyup, you're a bit late to the party. 😛 It was a QoL change made to make it not be so detrimental to have an anchor target killed.
  4. @TraumaTrain I'll be there Saturday on Cyberetica; she's a Peacebringer
  5. Mark me TBD please. 🙂 I'll be there, just not sure on who yet.
  6. I was going to say something similar to this. It's not that hard to pull her off the catwalk with a ranged attack and let her run off of it before the party engages her.
  7. You guys look wonderful! I look forward to seeing what next week's theme will be. @Midnyte wonderful work capturing the hydra's derpy mouth! I didn't even know those boogers really had faces. 🤣
  8. Oh! I have a similar character: Elaina Wraith - Rad/Empathy Corruptor. She's a villainous mad scientist.
  9. Some shots I took from last week. 🙂
  10. Yes please! I love rad melee but man do some of those powers feel like they need a reduction in animation time.
  11. @DSorrow and @Carnifax summed up what I was trying to say quite nicely. This isn't World of Warcraft or other games based around the holy trinity where a healer is a thing. Yes, heals have a place in this game, but they shouldn't be your main focus. That's why we have support AT's, not healers.
  12. I never said every character needs to be fully optimized. I'm not a min/max player. However, a dedicated healer is just not a needed thing and I think you're missing what we mean when we say "dedicated healer" as it applies to this game. A "dedicated healer" is someone like the OP--a person who usually picks empathy and picks pretty much only the powers from the empathy powerset, and often dips into the medicine pool for even more heals, and then contributes nothing else to a team because they're waiting for green bars to move. Yes, even in a duo that's useless and wasting one half of the duo's time. Whereas if that same empath were to actually pick up some of their attacks and offensive powers, now they can fill time in between buffs/debuffs/healing with attacks. Sure, they may not do much damage, but the faster mobs are dying, the safer everyone is anyway. And yes, this applies to running in a duo as well; in fact, I would think it would be even more prevalent in a duo. And for the other people trying to say that healing is necessary and yada yada--we know. We have never said that healing cannot be useful. I have a water/pain corr who once spent a good chunk of a TF healing instead of using her attacks because for whatever reason the team was quite squishy. Healing has its place, but it should never be the only thing you focus on. @Nemu summed things up quite nicely in their post and their description of how to play empathy is what I aspire to be on my pain defender; but that doesn't mean I don't also take my attacks and slot them.
  13. Because, as mentioned by myself and others, this game doesn't require, need, or desire dedicated healers, not even on MSR's. You should be doing more than heal and waiting for green bars to move.
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