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Psi Melee Stalker or Scrapper?


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Hi Guys,

I've been looking at psi melee recently and it looks pretty fun. My question is however who has it better Stalker or Scrapper? Seems to me it would be more fun on Stalker because AS drops psi blade sweep. What do you guys think?


Also what would be a good pairing with it as secondary? I was thinking nin but I'm open to ideas and thoughts?



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I highly recommend a Psi/Rad Stalker.  Stalkers help fix the single target aspect of Psi, and Proc'd out Radiation Therapy and Ground Zero along with Mass Levitate slotted with Force Feedback make it great for groups.  Theft of Essence proc in RT fixes all endurance problems as well.


Psi is supposed to struggle with some highly resistant incarnate level groups.  I've honestly never gotten to incarnate levels (currently 41 on my Psi/Rad), so I can't comment on how good or bad it actually works at those levels.  Area should still be fine though as it relies on procs and smashing damage from ML.  I'm currently running everything at +2/x8 without any issues.

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