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  1. Ok I understand but people seem to be getting stuck on hasten. My point was more the fact super jump becomes the most potent travel power for squishy ATs that don't get mez protection. Hasten was added as I feel most characters gets it and thus makes builds less diverse and more standard. Taking the option out of the way means you can try more power pools. If you feel hasten would make things unbalanced thats your opinion and I get it. You could argue Incarnate stuff has made the game unbalanced but I'm not here to debate that.
  2. What are the issues u raised exactly because I feel I addressed them in my previous post. Its the same power.
  3. I don't understand this reply. Are you saying we can't change the game. Like we can't change physics?
  4. But it would be the exact same power. You still need to slot. Also could leave it out of tray if you don't want to use it. I know some people don't want hasten in there build thats fine just don't drop it in your power tray. Imo it makes builds open up and gives a little more variety to build options.
  5. Okay but why would a character i want fly on ultimately have to take super jump as well or instead of. It limits the way you play to a certain style of play. If you don't wanna take them out maybe make afterburner do the same once in combat . Why does super jump get it all? Immob resist, kb resist and hold resist? Atleast treat super speed and fly with the same principle. I would say TP too but I'm unsure how that one would work. People that want to get the most out of a build get shoehorned into a style for certain "best" powers. It makes builds all look similar. Why should I lo
  6. Hey everyone, My suggestion is that maybe acrobatics from super jump power pool and hasten from the speed power pool become inherent. Still able to slot. Still same old power. It just frees people to take the travel power they want theme wise and not be pigeon hold, into the one the build will be better off with. Also acrobatics would maybe take immobilize resistance out of combat jumping and put it in that power. Why does CJ get a free immob resist and no other pool? Super speed would be given a combat speed power akin to athletic run but enha
  7. My fire/dark/psi Miss Paragon is amazing fun. Lots of explosive powers lots of AoE. She does amazing on teams. But very easy to solo lvl54s x8 struggles with burst damage but has alot of DoT. With all the recharge though psi tornado is up evey 3 or 4 seconds. However your usually applying some buff to you or debuff to them. But there is never a dull moment. Can solo AVs too. Fire/cold would be an awesome combo but not sure i wana make another fire troller.
  8. I think this thread needs to be pinned. Its insightful, funny and an easy read. Definitely best thread on forum! 🙂
  9. Most definitely. EM is the ST King again. Speaking as using from scrapper. Total focus builds focus (something like that) then energy transfer has its old animation so a 1second animation or in that region. If you use ET outside of focus it does its 3 or 4 second animation so its like a mini combo system but nowhere near as annoying as some of the others. *looks at titan weapons* My EM/BIO scrapper is built to solo GMs and that he does very easily. When teaming it makes me laugh still if an AV/GM has a little chunk of health left and i use TF which procs scrappers ATO for next hi
  10. It isn't a contender it's king. My EM/Bio scrapper hits like a freight train. He AoE leaves a lot to be desired. But he was built to be a ST monster so it doesn't bother me. Stalker wise I'm currently lvling a nin/invun and should have capped S/L def and 40% (ish) to the rest. With capped S/L dam resist. Also with -res procs and 3 AS combo builder its a beast at building AS Lvl3 AS - GD - SD - SoW then AS - MB. Then start again. It isn't the hardest hitter but its seriously quick.
  11. My first ever 50 back on live was a Kat/Regen. Fox. Modeled after metal gear solids Gray Fox. (Still love that game and that character in particular). I too have been thinking about katana and remaking Fox but possibly as a stalker just because he had a stealth suit. Also CoV wasn't out when I first made him. Probably just be Nin/nin just for pure concept plus a lot of ST damage. Was also thinking maybe rad tho just for damage output. Bio sounds good but the animations I can't justify for a robot ninja. *em shrug* Goodluck in your katana character. Hopefully see u out in the stree
  12. Ah ok thanks its good to know. I always assumed that you had to be 50 to get a purple. Learn something new everyday! It's not like I shall be applying the tactic as I like inf but good to know
  13. Yes but if your lvl 50 and put it to -1/×8 that would make all enemies lvl49 or 50 and 49ers don't drop purples. Well that's what I heard anyway? Maybe HC changed that?
  14. Was thinking of making a claws/ice scrapper just waiting for the right concept. Also why did they take the taunt out of auras? 🤷‍♂️
  15. Could I target closest enemy then next on the same bind? How would it would? /bind T "target_enemy_next$$target_enemy_near" Would that just go to closest then next then back to closest? Also is there any boss kind of target? I've gone through a few pages but it's getting annoying and I thought it would be easier to ask. Closest I've found is /bind b "target_custom_next enemy alive Boss" /em shrug
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