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Invisible Katana Blade - A possible lead?


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A lot of you who play Katana powerset toons know of the invisible blade bug, where other players can't see the blade you are holding even though you can see your toon holding it.


It's a maddening bug. I almost deleted my katana toon at level 29 because of it....but she's saved thanks to the patience and help from a friend. Perhaps this news might help the devs figure this problem out.


Apparently the only blade that is visible to other players --- even if it is for a few seconds before it vanishes ---- is the Rulaaru Fang blade. 


If other katana players are willing to use this blade as a workaround rather than fret about other players seeing your toon grasp at thin air, use it. It's not a bad look for my own toon.

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