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  1. Thanks for the info Smrmalloy! I'm super jelly you got to meet Positron himself, I'd have had a few questions for him myself 🙂
  2. Atlas Park is so pretty! Thanks for each of your updates guys, big or small I'm always excited! 😄
  3. Hey guys, if you haven't checked out my previous post here's the last one Its a simple idea with some personal requests of mine, some more doable than others but it never hurts to ask. I know the worst that can come of it is a "No" and I understand that perfectly fine. I'd like to take this time to thank all the developers and the community for keeping the game alive, and with that out the way. Lets have some more suggestions! 1. This one is probably impossible, the code is a mess but I just -have- to put this on the table. Saving bases. I don't think its doable in this spaghetti code but it would be very VERY helpful if we could save a SG base to load for future use, say some changes were made and you want to keep the old version so you can load that back instead of re-arranging everything. Its a huge longshot, I think its more than likely a no-no but I thought I'd bring it up. 2. Some updated NPCs, yeah I know its a pretty minor one. Very much a me thing and probably not a community thing, but I'd love to see some of the characters get an updated version of their old costume what with the new textures and pieces we have. Not a big deal, but would add some flavour and maybe show some progression in the timeline as Manticore could have an updated costume (as an example). Again its not a major concern, just a slight bit of spice. 3. New Zones or smaller instances. Since we have such a massive community of base editors why not use that to create small zones or mission maps for arcs? Not super sure how possible this would be, especially a new zone due to how ambitious that would be, so maybe smaller things would be better like a few more Easter Eggs around the world or some extra AE maps, hell, that alone would be totally awesome! 4. More Temporary power options. These things can be a little bothersome to get but it is very satisfying to use them in certain situations, and having more available would be sweet, whether thats by the P2W vendors or via the Black Market it would be a nice little bonus to see. I believe we've already had changes to the P2W since live but honestly its been so long I cant remember for sure, this is probably one of the easier choices for the developers, but I'm not a code expert, so I'm merely taking a guess. 5. Challenges that offer Influence/Infamy rewards. Lets face it, farming is very much a thing, whether its for levels or money. And no matter what we do we're still going to have it in some form, but my suggestion is to make challenges in the game that offer influence rewards. Maybe if you do a Master of <Insert TF here> you get a few million extra? Or something like that, lemme know what you guys think on that one I'm curious. Thats all I have for now, I'm sorry this second one took so long I've been busy IRL and in other games, but I'll have more of these lined up if you guys want to hear them. I'm just a bit more comfortable posting them in chunks rather than spam the forums with each and every thing.
  4. My Mercs Mastermind Spec Ops seem to be missing their guns similar to the katana bug players have, they sort of come back and then vanish while they still hold them or re-appear (sometimes) upon redrawing. A minor issue but still a bit bothersome. Anyone else have this?
  5. I get the frustration as a melee player with your Fury bar going down because you have to move but, c'mon. You can get it back up to where it was no problem once you restart the fight! I agree City did a lot differently to its competition and that's what made it great, its still my favourite MMORPG hands down. But to say this Task Force needs a complete "do-over" just because you don't like the blue flames? That's silly. I -hate- those damn flames but I wouldn't dream of expecting a complete overhaul on a task force for such a minor thing, especially from a team that updates the game in their free time without pay. Out of all the Task Forces in the game its pretty short and sweet, the only real trouble I've had in it is those pesky flames. Aside from that? You can rack up those merits with an Apex and Tin Mage back to back. And a little challenge isn't a bad thing, a lot of this game is rather simple. ESPECIALLY if you're playing a melee class like a Brute or Scrapper.
  6. Every new feature or bug fix is appreciated. Thank you so SO much! ❤️
  7. I'm throwing my vote to NPCs from any faction. I'll even take Warriors for hecks sake. If its at all possible, while the NPCs we have now are nice it doesnt entirely convey the "evil lair" I'm shooting for. 🙂
  8. Twinshot can honestly buzz off if you ask me. I dont like her arc at all. <_<
  9. I just double checked and you're totally right! Pardon my errors! Thats awesome 😄
  10. VEATs are honestly one of the best ATs in the game, I'd say Soldier more than Widow overall, but when you get a bunch of VEATs together? With all their buffs? Nothing can stop you. Nothing.
  11. I'm no build sorcerer or anything. But I've found the IO sets that give pets bonus resistances and defences to be very helpful. The Chance For Build Up in Soulbound Allegiance (in my opinion) sucks because the chance for the build up to happen only buffs you the player, and as a MM your damage isnt the key factor, its the pets. Furthermore that proc has a chance to happen -per summon-. Which isnt something you can exactly spam to get that damage buff.
  12. Can someone please explain to me why Serum gets so much hate? I see it all the time. I've taken it recently on my first Soldiers MM and it seems fine to me. The buffs are pretty damn good tbh. Can the endurance crash be countered by recovery powers or is there no way they can recover back the end until the timer wears off? My biggest personal problem is them using brawl. They have -guns- but I've seen my pets brawl so many times, its bothersome. If we could get that removed that'd honestly be the biggest buff they could get :') (at least from my limited experience)
  13. You're an absolute mad lad. (Thats British for "well done!")
  14. I'm not gonna lie. For a game that came out in 2004 City's graphics have held up surprisingly well for the most part. Keep in mind it came out before World of Warcraft and in my honest opinion? Looks miles better. Like, miles.. so many miles. I honestly prefer it as it was, the cel shading is nice but its not something I'm used too. Kinda makes me tilt my head a bit, but the reflections of it are pretty, that I'll admit!
  15. You may as well make an entirely new game. I personally see no benefit to taking down the War Walls. They're there for a reason and the story for them is more than justified. Removing them now if it were possible would be weird. Only way I could see it being plausible (on a story scale, not a coding/mechanical one) would be the villains teaming up to disable them and invade sections of the city.
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