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  1. Personally Super Strength on Stalkers/Scrappers sounds like a fun (but incredibly unbalanced and silly) idea. The floodgates have already kind of been opened for Stalkers already, since they now have Shield Defence and Fire Aura. >_> I'm not a balance expert but I honestly believe some sets need to stay on some ATs to make them stand out a bit and keep some illusion of balance. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.
  2. *Salutes this entire thread while a happy tear falls down his face*
  3. Just picked up ANOTHER yellow Interface in Preemptive... seriously, why are so many yellow?!?!
  4. So far the only way to get a Booster Pack whether its Hero/Villain or whatever is by buying them. Honestly, that being the ONLY way to do it is kind of lame. Maybe throw in a few of them for Taskforces or Trials? Or have them as an option instead of bonus merits for the weekly? Or something? Please? 😧
  5. Small suggestion, most of the Incarnate powers can be coloured in some way. Even the aura that you summon the Lore Pets with has a minimal effects option if that's what you want out of it. I love using Interface and gaining passive bonuses to all my attacks, it rocks (huge proc lover myself so this is right up my street). Buuuuuut I'd just love to have BLUE FIRE with Reactive or a more ATOMIC GREEN with Degenerative. I know its a minor tweak and there's more important stuff to look into. But I can't help but notice that a lot of the Interface effects are yellow, like... they reeeeeaaaalllyyyyy leaned on that colour for some reason. If customising never sees the light of day I won't complain, I just figure it would be a neat way to make the Incarnate System a little better. I love being back home and playing the game in general, so if this suggestion gets buried that's no worries 🙂 Stay safe everyone!
  6. To folks saying the crabpack was grafted/surgically implanted. I am pretty sure that's actually not the case, I was always led to believe the Crab Spider soldiers in Arachnos wore power armour, and the "Its surgically put on" was a reason created by the community to explain why you could never take it off in game. If I'm wrong by all means educate me, but I've never seen the original devs confirm the crabpack in the lore being a item you surgically attach to the spine. They're described as "SWAT team" in their bios so that gave me the implication of armour, but again, if I'm wrong throw me that link. I never saw official confirmation playing back in the day. I always found the crabpack being on 24/7 bothersome cus I LOVE playing a Crab but working it into every costume is such a pain, sometimes it works out, other times its a trainwreck. The overall concept is very solid but having it work as a toggle would be nicer, hard to implement, but nicer.
  7. Ooooohhhhhhh BOYYYYY! 😄
  8. Ry

    Katana invisible?

    This bug is so old, sadly it never got fixed on live because the game was shut down before the devs had a chance. Its the only thing stopping me making a katana character. And I REEEEAAAALLLLYYYY would like to make one. 😞
  9. I'm personally a sucker for the Soul Mastery's yellow/purple effects with the classic dark powers, however, I don't oppose more options. Especially because I'd love to see how a Soul Noir [Soul Storm] would look...
  10. They're held the same way sure but the animations are different and it might be janky with some AR models, I dunno. Maybe it would be easy? Who knows! 😮
  11. It matters because of the projectiles coming out of said weapon. Animations etc. But fair enough, more options is better. It just may make MORE work and the issue isn't even a massive concern anyways, I said so earlier. I don't know how complex it would or wouldn't be either way!
  12. I'll have to disagree with that one, personally. But that's me, mainly because I think it'd be easier to do the Beam Rifle thing rather than attached the beam powers to Assault Rifle and vice versa. Plus I'm old fashioned and cranky and want my bullets out my gun and lasers out my beam rifle! *waves cane*
  13. Bot's Mastermind has some model options Beam Rifle can't have. Beam Rifle has some model options Bots Mastermind's can't have. *But why?* Seriously, I never quite understood this back in the day. I know its not a massive priority, heck, I don't even know if this particular issue has been answered and if I'm kicking a dead horse. Either way, I'd love to have all the rifle options for both powersets. I won't go angry bull frog if we don't, but I think its something to consider. 🙂
  14. Small note (that has probably been mentioned before but here goes!) Would it be possible to de-toggle (at least visually) the Arachnos Soldier crabpack if walk is applied with an Arachnos Soldier? Or would the code simply not allow that? I'm not sure myself but I think that would be easier to code rather than making it a toggle. I don't know about the rest of you but I always found the pack on your back ALL the time a little bothersome, it looks great when I'm fighting but it can be hard to RP with. As I would rather have my character use it like power armour rather than go for the Doctor Octopus look. If this has been asked/answered before apologises for not noticing! This isn't a major concern mind you, just curious more than anything. 🙂
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