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  1. I'm personally a sucker for the Soul Mastery's yellow/purple effects with the classic dark powers, however, I don't oppose more options. Especially because I'd love to see how a Soul Noir [Soul Storm] would look...
  2. They're held the same way sure but the animations are different and it might be janky with some AR models, I dunno. Maybe it would be easy? Who knows! 😮
  3. It matters because of the projectiles coming out of said weapon. Animations etc. But fair enough, more options is better. It just may make MORE work and the issue isn't even a massive concern anyways, I said so earlier. I don't know how complex it would or wouldn't be either way!
  4. I'll have to disagree with that one, personally. But that's me, mainly because I think it'd be easier to do the Beam Rifle thing rather than attached the beam powers to Assault Rifle and vice versa. Plus I'm old fashioned and cranky and want my bullets out my gun and lasers out my beam rifle! *waves cane*
  5. Bot's Mastermind has some model options Beam Rifle can't have. Beam Rifle has some model options Bots Mastermind's can't have. *But why?* Seriously, I never quite understood this back in the day. I know its not a massive priority, heck, I don't even know if this particular issue has been answered and if I'm kicking a dead horse. Either way, I'd love to have all the rifle options for both powersets. I won't go angry bull frog if we don't, but I think its something to consider. 🙂
  6. Small note (that has probably been mentioned before but here goes!) Would it be possible to de-toggle (at least visually) the Arachnos Soldier crabpack if walk is applied with an Arachnos Soldier? Or would the code simply not allow that? I'm not sure myself but I think that would be easier to code rather than making it a toggle. I don't know about the rest of you but I always found the pack on your back ALL the time a little bothersome, it looks great when I'm fighting but it can be hard to RP with. As I would rather have my character use it like power armour rather than go for the Doctor Octopus look. If this has been asked/answered before apologises for not noticing! This isn't a major concern mind you, just curious more than anything. 🙂
  7. Scrapper's have a taunt, I don't know the numbers exactly but I know they have a clickable taunt. For example Martial Arts has "Warriors Challenge". As for making slottable taunting options for them. I don't think it would be very useful on a Scrapper as they focus waaaay more on damage. But after reading through what others say Sentinels getting a reworked inherit and a damage buff seems to be the general agreement, which is totally fine. I might try build one to be a bit bulkier as an experiment. Either way the class does need a fix of some kind.
  8. I basically asked for everyone's opinion by even starting the topic, don't sweat it Zera 😉 But you're right, reworking the inherit in some way is something everyone can agree on. You're not stepping on anyones toes by pointing that out! ^^
  9. That's okay Switch, how would you improve a Sentinel? Or do you think they're fine as they are? Genuinely curious!
  10. Fair enough! I honestly had no idea they were meant to be like ranged Scrappers. Because that honestly isn't isnt what they feel like to me -at all-. Like, not even close. A new AT could be interesting but I don't think that'll be happening any time soon. Oddly enough, I'd say Corruptor's are closer to a ranged scrapper since Scourge is -technically- a critical hit. Thank you for the feedback! 🙂
  11. So I was thinking, with Sentinel's inherit power being rather lacking (or at least in my experience) I thought of a few ways to fix this; many say "MORE DAMAGE!" but honestly? I don't think that's we need to do here. Hear me out. Sentinel's secondaries (depending on what you go for) can make them pretty bulky, so why not lean into that? I thought of two ways to do this. 1) Give every ranged set the option to slot for taunt enhancements. This can give players the option to take a bit of aggro away from their teammates and provide more use. Sentinel's inherit power only really works best if it stacks with other Sentinel's, its not exactly a universal thing. So -this- could help with that. 2) When Opportunity hits, be it offensive or defensive. Have an AoE taunt effect added to it, so when you debuff one target, those around it go "Hey, they're picking on Mikey! Get um!" again this could provide more universal mileage for a Sentinel. So that's my new suggestion for Sentinel's, let me know what you guys think. Now in regards to coding this, like for pretty much everything I have no idea how much hassle it would be. The code of this game is a mystery I'll never solve. But given the fact Sentinel's have armour sets, some of which are improvements on the originals, I thought it'd be fun to share my new opinion on the subject. I'll leave a poll in case anyone would like to vote on which suggestion is better! Take care and have a nice day! 😄
  12. Number 6 got resolved, YAY! 😄 And we got some new proc's and some costume pieces since I posted this. WOO! ... But we need -more-! *Laughs maniacally* Thank you to the HC team for keeping the game going! 🙂
  13. There weren't any screw ups, don't be hard on yourself. I'll be there! 😄
  14. God imagine if you could enhancement boosters to up the speed. GOTTA GO FAST!!
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