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  1. Honestly? Union back in the day was a miracle. I don't know HOW everyone agreed to make RP server wide but it just happened, we caught lightening in a bottle and it was a stretch even back then. But now with a community this large on Everlasting? There's not a chance. SGs can collaborate and as Moka mentioned In The Papers! is a good way to connect stories and events together.
  2. Thank you! Everyone on the HC team, because of you I reunited with old friends and met new ones along the way! You're awesome, if you ever need a cup of tea poke me, you'll get TWO!
  3. Hey guys, I figured rather than posting a TON of separate requests on each and every little thing I'd like, I thought I'd make these shopping lists to go over what I believe would be really nice for the community . . but mainly myself because I'm a greedy and nasty villain >:) mwahaha! The format works like this, I'll list off seven things a month so I don't spam the site. Each request will have a sentence to explain why I really want said thing to happen, I'll try to keep it brief. Furthermore, I fully understand the Homecoming team has a lot on their plate so even though I want these things I wont get mad about it if it never happens, this applies to every suggestion I make. I'm just happy to have the game back and RP in a new community on a game I cherish. With all that sappiness out the way, lets start the list! In no particular order! With cherries on top~ 1. The Katana/Ninja Blade Bug - I'm not entirely sure what the teams stance is on this, I haven't come across any posts (if they exist please show me!) but I remember this cheeky little bug from live and it honestly is the only thing stopping me playing this set all together. I'd LOVE to get into my anime state of mind and swing a Japanese blade around at criminals or heroes but the fact its bugged just hinders the experience. I know this ones a long shot since the original team couldn't figure out why the models vanished in game, but I'd be so thankful if the models came back into view. 2. More Lore Pets - City has some of the most fun and colourful NPC groups I've seen in a game, having more of them to use for our characters would be amazing. 3. Infernal Blast/Assault - I've previously talked about this in another post so I wont mention it again, but the hellfire that the demons use combined with the three whip powers could seriously make an amazing set. I've already tested this on a solo instances, player models can use the powers the demon pets use so its not a huge stretch. 4. Costumes - Some more patterns and NPC pieces would be marvelous, the team has already done a wonderful job adding some new content in this area which I'm VERY grateful for. Smallest request? Chain pattern for legs, it bothers me you can have a chain pattern on your chest but not on your legs. But more additions in general are always awesome! Thanks again guys :3 5. New Procs - Who loves proc's in IOs sets? I sure do. Some IO sets don't get used at all and I think adding a nifty proc could fix that. 6. Arachnos Disruptor/Spiderlings Bug - Again, a bugfix. Not the most dramatic or essential change but one that bothers me. For some reason these beloved Arachnos pets sort of.. glitch? They have a teleport animation that happens randomly. I'm sure many of you are aware of this one and while this isnt a major issue, I'd like to see a fix. Again no pressure. 7. Themed Events - City already has some great events for holidays, Valentines, Halloween, Christmas and the Summer Blockbuster. I'd love one for Easter and perhaps some other holidays? Or perhaps some new additions to the themed events we have right now. Thank you for reading this list. Hope you agree and if not that's okay! Happy hunting!
  4. You gravely underestimate Lord Recluse's influence and overestimate the superhuman villains that "constantly siege" him. First of all, a lot of the villains in the Isles are losers at the start. You start the game being broken out jail by Arachnos (unless you're a VEAT), which implies you were either weak enough or dumb enough to get caught in the first place. The entire content is about your character proving themselves by working with or against people, it builds you up as this rookie trying to make it big and I think it works personally. It mirrors how as a Hero you don't start off as this big shot who can one punch skyscrapers. Heroes -can- inhabit the villain zones to a lesser extent by playing as a Vigilante so that point isn't all that much, aside from the fact Heroes get a much better alignment power than Vigilantes do. Villains can fight hero NPCs/NPC groups yes that's true, but its usually Longbow with maybe a hero or two along with them. Why? Because its a separate government entirely and Paragon has MANY of its own problems to deal with. The Isles work as a proving ground. I'm not saying its flawless, certainly not, I'd make a few changes here and there. But overall? I enjoy it very much.
  5. If at all possible I'd really like to see the stories that were left unfinished find some closure such as the Signature Story Arcs and the "Coming Storm". New content in general would still be greatly appreciated, though. 🙂
  6. I wouldnt mind that 🙂
  7. Discord tag Ry#5940 Applicable skills: I'm a student in the UK with a diploma in Games Design and an A-Level in a combined English Language/Literature and I'm currently working on my university degree for Games Design Art. I've been writing for my own characters for over ten years and participated in Game Jam. I have published work for magazines and won an award for my English studies. Availability & time zone: GMT London (Available on most weekends as I'm in my second year of university.) What I'd would be interested in working on: I'd love to mainly work on character designs for NPC's and writing for City of Villains, I've always had a bigger understanding of the Rogue Isles compared to Paragon City and a passion for Arachnos lore. If given the opportunity I'd like to help in writing where some arcs left off due to the shutdown of the game, or writing lower level content such as task/strike forces.
  8. Personally the level of the pets being lower than the MM itself has never bothered me. Its not a HUGE gap and frankly Masterminds can buff/heal the hell out of their minions or debuff the enemy so the gap is closed. I dont think making them even level to the player and reducing their damage is a good option, for me personally I like keeping tabs on my pets and controlling who gets healed/buffed. It helps me feel more involved when playing. And in terms of power Masterminds are CERTAINLY not weak, not by any stretch of the imagination.
  9. This all sounds like seriously exciting stuff! I really hope something comes out of all this on Homecoming but I wont cry and scream if it doesn't. You're awesome Bubble! 😄
  10. Simply put, I was playing my Arachnos Bane Spider yesterday and it just hit me that they werent given any form of customization back on live in terms of colours for their powers, Crabs, Fortunata's, etc etc. All the VEAT's cant colour their powers at all despite the fact the same powers in other sets can be coloured (Mace Mastery, Psychic Blast, Smoke Grenade and a few others). So, I was wondering would it be at all possible to add colour customization to their powers so they match their hero counterparts? Peacebringers and Warshades look terrific in alternative colours (love the recent Peacebringer update to secondary colours!). Any word on the possibility of this would be greatly appreciated, thank you!
  11. This is awesome! Thank you all so much! 😄
  12. Let me just start this off by saying I have no idea how this would work code wise, I'm more of an artist so I genuinely don't know how easy/hard this would be to accomplish. With that in mind, lets talk! The community loves badges, we collect them and sometimes we get rewarded for collecting certain ones. These are the badges I hunt, accolade powers are such a fun feature for me because its a sense of accomplishment when my character has these powers - they're not exclusive to any AT so any character can earn them and I love that. Some accolade powers admittedly work better on certain classes but it doesnt stop you grabbing them. However, I feel like ten isn't enough. We have thousands of badges and only ten accolade powers - that seems a little off to me and I genuinely thought that back on live, and there's so much potential! I'm not asking for a mountain of these powers, mind you. But a few more certainly wouldnt hurt, maybe a power where you can summon an special NPC? Or a weapon like the Crey Cyro Pistol (hopefully on a shorter cooldown) or some more quality of life powers? We have a lot of sets in the game both usable and exclusive to NPCs in the game and if its possible I'd love to see new accolade powers be explored here, given we have the time and interest from the Homecoming team. I'll end it here, whats your dream accolade power? By all means share!
  13. SG Name: F.E.N.R.I.S. RP/RP Friendly: Yes Theme/Era: Modern Supremacists. Redside/Blueside: Redside Recruitment Message: Focusing Evolution Networking Ritualism and Information Syndicate or F.E.N.R.I.S. as it's more commonly known, is an organization founded by Oliver Felix. Within its ranks three core factors are taught, Strength, Willpower and Intelligence. Every member of FENRIS must possess above average in these categories, two out of three being the bare minimum required to join. F.E.N.R.I.S. believes the world governments to be currently flawed, united they plan to take the world back piece by piece and place it in the hands of the strong. While other supremacist groups have been strictly one origin, F.E.N.R.I.S. believes every origin of power has its merit, should the individual prove themselves worthy to co-operate and pull their weight. Villains of mutant, magic, natural, scientific or technological banding together to crush the old ways beneath their heels. The group is currently housed on the Everlasting server and it should be noted that the group will be tackling darker and more serious themes, though not strictly doing this on its own as we do have comedic moments here and there. For further information on the history of the group IC or OOC, more clarification on its core values or public knowledge about its founder please don't hesitate to message me if you're interested in joining, either here on the forums or in game. My global is @Ry I'm looking forward to hearing from you! ❤️
  14. I'm seeing a lot of people suggestion "Fire Sword" in here in the assault set and while thats all well and good, the devs would have to make an entirely new power with the Hellfire visuals for it to match, or mix older fire visuals with the newer ones which to me feels like a half measure, I propose this instead. The Demon pets themselves such as the Ember Demon and the Fiery Demonling both have altered versions of fire powers visually, Flares, Fire Breath etc. Essentially just updated versions of fire blast. On top of that the powers those particular pets have can in fact use can be used by the player models, the animations and everything play out. I've tested such myself. Admittedly on a solo instance of the game but with enough tinkering I think it could be manageable, combining those powers with the whip from Demon Summoning could easily make the nine powers required for a Hellfire Blast or Hellfire Assault (with a Build Up added in) - I'd rather have that then in a set then throwing the newer whip visuals and the older fire powers together honestly, but thats me. To set this apart from similar sets such as Fire Blast a -Resist passive could work, I do like the sound of that! Anyways, whether or not the devs want to do this is entirely up to them, I appreciate the work they do and I admire the topic being discussed in general, keeps the community thriving :D
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