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  1. As always I will try my best to make it, as I love these events so SO much! 😄 Go Team Red!
  2. The Lady Grey Task Force The minimum level to start the TF has been changed to 45 We've had it at 35 for a while, but there are numerous issues related to starting it at lower levels (on live the minimum was 45) All enemies in the TF (including the Weakened Hamidon and its buds) can now spawn from level 45 to 54 ... .... Welp, there goes one of my fun ways to level on a lv 35 alt. I get that people were having issues but I'm gonna miss being able to run Lady Grey with some of my lower alts. I get tired of using Imperious Task Force o
  3. I can understand that @siolfir in regards to back on live, but now? They're just a meaningless buff that dies on impact. And yes atm its free, but doesnt have to be. Lots of useful powers in thr P2W vendor do cost influence, why not these? And make them WORTH said cost. Again, its a minor thing. If they never get touched its w/e, it'd still be nice, though 🙂
  4. *Cracks knuckles* This'll be a fun post. Demon Summoning/Dark Miasma is a top tier combo, very deadly. Heavy damage and debuff and crowd control. Thugs/Storm Summoning is a combo that is very underrated. Gang War + Lightning Storm +Tornado can really wreck mobs. Mercenaries/Electrical Affinity is pretty good now with the recent buff, Electrical Affinity is pretty damn good with any primary set but I find it especially helps juice up Mercenaries on account of they need the boost the most (arguably). Plus if you throw Amp Up and Serum on your Commando he's gon
  5. I like the Prestige Pets conceptually, they're cute and fun. But mechanically, they need a serious buff. The fact that anything in the game can one shot them makes their buffs completely pointless. Even with T4 Barrier at the helm of your arsenal there's no way these little guys are gonna survive any fight. If the problem is you get these buffs for free, then increase the cost of using them in exchange for the buffs/survivability being better. Maybe make them cost more endurance or something? I dunno. They've essentially been worthless from their release aside from going "Awwh cute
  6. Another thing about Spines that's always stopped me using it the fact you can change the spine type - but not the colour of the power effects themselves. So even if I have for example, I could have sleek, metallic spines of bright gold (ooo, shiny!) but the projectiles still produce bile green effects, and on impact the effect of hitting the enemy is bright red/green. I've always hated this. We can do so much with power customization now but this is one of the sets that never fully experienced it (imho). I wanna shoot gold acid out my spines! T-T OR RED, FOR BLOOD! 😮 Sa
  7. EDIT: Only just seen the later responses to this entire thing literally a few minutes after posting this first post, big derp. Thank you so much for listening @Faultline, it means a lot! ❤️
  8. I know its a minor change, but... Having St. Martial connected to Pocket D has served me in the past as a villain. At higher levels I have almost no reason to go back to Mercy Isle (unless its for RP or some rare missions), Atlas Park is a different story as its a place that can lead to the Rikti War Zone and Recluse's Victory. Two places that Mercy doesn't connect to at all. Imho this change doesnt need to happen at all, aside from maybe the Nova Praetoria one, that's fine. But having Pocket D connect to three zones at different level ranges is pretty useful. Port Oakes and Mercy
  9. The Guardian Archetype that the Rebirth server has, I gave it a try recently and its amazing! So, pretty please, Homecoming! With extra spinkles! ❤️ P.S. More options for the Weekly Strike Targets, maybe the Ouroboros arcs? Or Signature Story Arcs? 🙂
  10. Hello everyone! First of all, I'd love to say a BIG THANK YOU to the Developers for the recent update, Issue 27: Part 2, as I've really been enjoying it so far. For those not sure on what this post series is about, by all means check out the previous two in the link above to get informed. Disclaimer: As always, these suggestions and requests are only "Pretty please, with cherries!" comments. It's important to remember Homecoming is made of volunteers and coding this game is like surfing on the back of an alligator while doing your taxes, its not easy. Despite my never-e
  11. A brand new zone, a hecking Warrior's update, and what I am PRAYING is a Earth Judgement power. This is nice. This is very nice. P.S. Maybe there's hope for other gang factions? I mean... if Warriors are getting it, surely that could mean an upgrade for the others? If the Hellions get a touch up, plz don't remove the Damned mask, its too iconic in it's own goofy way. Oh! And this P.S. isn't an impatient wiggle demanding more, I'm very happy with what we have so far, and I'm hype for the further Mastermind changes. You guys are doing amazing, make
  12. I have a lot of fun with this event, I look forward to them every time they're upcoming and count the days until its time. The idea is so fun and corrupt and its perfect for villains. I'm still a little salty I didn't think of it first, my first session as the Ring Girl was also very fun, I hope Mortar entertained people with her crazy Freakshow antics! 💚💜
  13. This bug is the only thing stopping me from making a Katana character. And I really... REALLY want to make one T-T I hope it gets fixed some day, here's hoping!
  14. For those that don't know, I posted a topic in 2019 about what I'd like to see added to the game, as I wanted to make a list rather than posting each individual thing and make spam. Finally, after two year's. I'm following up on that list, I'd like to point out I won't be making repeats of things I have already requested to avoid repetition. So lets get to it! 😄 ( DISCLAIMER: I'm happy the game is even awake right now and so lively, EVERYTHING I ask for is a "Pretty please, with cherries!" and not a nerdy outcry of rage, I understand this is all volunteer work and co
  15. Personally Super Strength on Stalkers/Scrappers sounds like a fun (but incredibly unbalanced and silly) idea. The floodgates have already kind of been opened for Stalkers already, since they now have Shield Defence and Fire Aura. >_> I'm not a balance expert but I honestly believe some sets need to stay on some ATs to make them stand out a bit and keep some illusion of balance. Maybe I'm just old fashioned.
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