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Powers Not Recharging!

GM Dredd

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  • Retired Game Master

Hey folks, please make a reply here if you have powers not recharging after the downtime and /sync, zoning, and relogging don't resolve the issue, the admins will take a look at it when they can, though hopefully the issue will resolve itself shortly :)

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power not recharging.

power : fearsome stare

Power set: darkness control


tried rezoning

removing power from tray

reloging with re-validation of game files.\


torchbearer server

character name : miss katonic

let me know if you need any more information. thanks


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Power not recharging; zoning, /sync, relogging had no effect.


Global: @Jacke

Shard: Torchbearer

Toon: Jacke Dark

Power: Sands of Mu

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