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Solo Electric/Radiation


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Elec is fine but a big issue that's been discussed is that domination doesn't really help as much as you'd like. It only helps the first hit of the confuse power, jolting chain doesn't get a drop of help, and I dont think the static field is enhanced by it at all. Elec is also quite a low damage set.

I've no idea about rad. A beast I've never tamed.


Is it conceptual or something else? Cos /psi /earth /fire could be better on the dom. But @oedipus_tex has a lot more experience with elec on a dominator. 
You may even like to have a look at elec/rad on a troller. They'd out of end and missing lots. Again, not a huge amount of dam though.

@Xiddo on Excel. Alts: Agent Betel - V_archetypeicon_dominator.png.5633ed21aff3ea441cdd024895843d4a.png  Athosin - Archetypeicon_peacebringer.png.9e329a8a509066a020fd4635ccbb4385.png  Nisotha - image.png.c44c4b37be8839626cedeee9a8966397.png  Anapos - V_archetypeicon_corruptor.png.f105930c83b316a39d147c7de8c7e017.png  Atomic Chilli - V_archetypeicon_brute.png.b1e0b25149b74ff24ce1fd3603064e6e.png  Bainbridge - image.png.fc49fb2cec0488ed5cd6d82f5ea9260a.png

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