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Exploration badges missing in badge window [Never mind]


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I have a character, Rhetorical, on Indomitable who has (as far as I'm aware) all exploration badges. Menu >> Personal Info. Click on Badges tab. Scroll down to Exploration section.

413 exploration badges appear. But there are at least 459 exploration badges. This is new since I27.


It's possible the exploration badges do not show up in Navigation window >> Badges >> Exploration, but those are a lot harder to check.


For short what's missing is Monster Islandx8, Kallisti Wharf, First Wardx8, Night Wardx8, Safeguardx9, Mayhemx9, Hero 1x3, Breakout, and Cage Fighter.


The following exploration badges do not appear:



Abandoned Soul
Cage Fighter
Cornerstone/Weak Point
Courage Driven/Rage Driven
Dark Garden
Dead But Dreaming
Dearly Departed
Eye of the Vortex
Fearless Insurgent
Follow the Light
Founder's Protector/Founder's Invader
Freedom's Defender/Freedom's Crusher
Gate Closer/Gate Crasher
Global Guardian/Global Threat
Grim Fandango
Happy Camper
Heart of the City/Hate of the City
Honorable Captain/Dishonorable Captain
House Hunter
Jail Bird
King Maker
King's Righteousness/King's Capriciousness
Mayhem's Prodigal
Misfit Monstrosity
Monster Factory
Monster Islander
Monster's Playthings
Nocturnal Pilgrim
On the Shoulders of Giants
Rikti Monkey Island
Road Raged
Shadow Walker
Shell Shocked
Steel Worker
Talon of Talos
Talos' Might/Talos' Blight
The Roar of the Beast
Tried and True
Vengeance Seeker
Witness for the Fallen



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Ahh, for some reason the spoiler text is word-wrapping to a narrow column. Probably an artifact of pasting from excel. I fixed the formatting, so that should clear things up.


And I can assure you that I have the accolades for exploring Monster Island, First Ward, and Night Ward. So not sure why exploration badges are not showing.


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Bah, never mind. Just went to take screen shots of my explo accolades, and sure enough they are not there. Fast Travel >> Long Range TP Check also shows that I have not, in fact, gotten the accolades for First Ward or Night Ward. Or the history badges from First Ward or Night Ward (which I always pick up at the same time).


Either 43 badges and a few accolades disappeared on me, or I'm just losing my mind and the explo badges are all on a different character. I'm guessing it's the latter. Sigh...


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