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Hollow Pursuit [SFMA] ID: 37663


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Experimenting with a self-contained arc that (perhaps) leads to related stories later on.

Still not settled on the last map.

Apologies in advance for the (inevitable) typos



Ran with a lvl 39 who isn't completely tricked out--yet:-)

Also tested with a L30 squishy. Had a couple faceplants because I forgot how to snipe:-)

Ran with a Tank finally, L32. Pretty much no issues, save for slow killing rate.

Edited by cranebump

I have done a TON of AE work, both long form and single arc. Just search the AE mish list for my sig @cranebump. For more information on my stories, head to the AE forum sub-heading and look for “Crane’s World.” Support your AE authors! We ARE the new content.

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