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Increase in Rikti Invasions


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    Only a QoL for those of us who are Alt-O-Holics...


    The Elusive Mind accolade is a rather beneficial one for support types, but in order to get it, the player is dependent on the availability of Rikti Invasions, and to get the badge it must be at least a league of 16 to get the right mobs for the badges.


     The problem with the LGTF to spawn it, is that even if you could convince the team to stay together (melees get free status effect protection, so they have little interest in this essentially worthless accolade), they would need to recruit very quickly 8 other players out of the blue in the hope to have the right league size.


     So it occurred to me, why not allow a league to be formed in RWZ (you can do that anyway and anywhere), and when they destroy the cruiser that patrols the zone, it spawns a retaliatory Rikti invasion. This way, you already have a 16 person league with a common purpose and the means to pursue and earn the Elusive Mind accolade.





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