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Chat-bubble modifiers no longer working


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(Threw this in GD, got no discussion... maybe few players use these features.)


It's a fairly little-known or at least little-used feature, but you can throw modifiers into your chat strings. Doesn't change what goes into the chat windows, but your bubble can be variously colored and (formerly) of a different size and with a variable duration.


However, I just noticed/discovered that only the color codes work now. You can embed color, bgcolor and border to change the color of the text, bubble and border (and transparency of the bubble), but scale to make the text larger and duration to change the 8-second default persistence are now ignored.


Since I had this working after HC launched, I assume it's an I27 change.


Was this intentional? Or can it be fixed, and the size and duration parameters be made to work again?


For the record, the basic mod string is, or was:

<color ccode><bgcolor ccodetransparency><border ccode><scale factor><duration seconds>

The three color codes use either color names or #hhhhhh codes, and the background adds #hhhhhhtt transparency levels. Being able to change size and duration were nice features...


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