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Beast/Kin: Solution to PITA Tsoo Sorcerer? Increase Density


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Been playing with my first MM in a very long while.

Mind/Kin was my main, so I gave it a try, hoping that my recollection of the impact on the force multiplier effect of kinetics of everyone being in melee was accurate.



I did get bit by an old "meh" recollection of ID though, it was one of the few borderline powers in /Kin for me, usually took it later in the build in the early 20s when power slots became more prevalent. Then I hit Talos (my favorite zone) and I hit the Tsoo Sorcerers. They were always irritating, but on a control based character, no more than that. On a Beast/Kin they were a major PITA. 


Then I noticed that SB hits all pets at once, just like Train/Upgrade. And a decent part of the problem with Sorcerer is the Repel and KB. Hmm... I think I see a way out of this.


ID to the rescue! Seriously, quite decent status protection, KB and repel protection and fairly hefty Smashing and Energy resist (Mids has it at 18.75 unenhanced, so with three SO DamRes slotted, Mids puts it at +56% so that would be what? About +30% Smash/Nrg resist 3 slotted? It's a hefty boost any way you look at it) all rolled into one for the cost of a single buff every 2 minutes. Now I have it lined up in the buff section of my 2nd power tray. SB, ID, Train. SB and ID are both on a 2 minute timer, and they make the Beast pets VASTLY better in the mid game, probably the late game too. They just tore through the Sorcerer's hurricane like rabid weasels on speed (you know, normal SB behavior) and ripped the Sorcerer apart. He teleported around the corner, and they were on him again in a flash to take him down and keep him from healing everyone else. 


People bad mouthing /Kin as a secondary for Beast pets...

Play it.

It's amazing.   


I think I have my preferred MM build! 🙂

Beast/Kin FTW!


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7 minutes ago, Coyote said:

Beasts/Kin is an excellent pairing.

However, I don't think that ID is a great benefit to it, because... the status effect protection looks like it's flagged to only affect the primary target. The Smash/Energy resistance goes 30' wide, but the status protection doesn't 😞


City of Data - MM / Kin / Increase Difficulty

Yeah it does only affect the main target for the status protection. The res buff is to the group.

Bopper: "resistance resists resistible resistance debuffs"

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Good to know; the -KB seemed to be effective on all, but I might be conflating SB movement effects on some of them, and seeing just one that ignoring -kb and repel?


I'll test again later. Even if I do need to cycle I'm fine with that. The impact is striking, I can keep a team of 6 buffed on a 2 minute timer if it makes that much difference. 😛


Even just the res buff going to the whole group, that's good right there... A buff run before tackling a boss spawn isn't bad, it's thematic even. The whimpering from the wolves when you hit them with SB echoes the gut punch animation a bit too well. The sound effect is a bit villainous leaning. 😛

It was like firing a furry smart missile that mirvs and tears sorcerers to bits. Will definitely be GREAT against robots later. I used to hate how they resisted psi dmg. I levitated a LOT of robots as a soloing Mind/Kin. 😂

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I really like Beasts/Kin if aiming for a perma-Fortify build or close to perma. Soft-capping defenses, backed by resists and heals, while also having the high damage of Fulcrum Shift, makes them very effective at higher levels, where most MMs start to tail off. Tail. Off. Hehe, I kill myself. 😛


One thing to note about problem mobs: the second upgrade gives the Lionesses a PBAoE Stun growl on a 2 minute timer, and the Frost Wolf a PBAoE Fear howl on a one minute timer. Both are Mag 3. So you can expect problem mobs to start most fights Stunned if you tell the beasts to run next to them before starting to attack. That can sometimes stop a big AoE alpha from coming in at the start of a fight and messing up with your plans, and the speed with which they close from "out of aggro" to "facemunching" range usually means they open the action even against ranged attacks.

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I appreciate your insights, spot (weak dog pun) on. 🙂

Can't wait for level 32 to see the second upgrade, but Now that I have DW, it's going to even more fun to get there. 
He's so cute and fluffy with the glowing blue eyes...
Then a force of icy destruction when I get hit. 🙂

I ran through Family goons mission, and using DI before boss fights was really quite useful/effective. The conspicuous LACK of pets being kicked/punched out of the scrum was quite noticeable. I'm starting the fight in bodyguard with SP, Heal, SS to pull the boss's fangs a bit. Normally keep DI more or less up on SnowBank (Dire Wolf), BadKitty and BadKitty Too. I only DI the pack for boss fights where I expect KB. It really has a major impact on how smoothly the fight goes.

The later I get in the build, the better I like the choice. I love builds that are highly effective with as much of the Psi/Sec powers as possible. Plus Hover and Hasten (AKA Bacon, which is thematically sooooo appropriate for Beast/ 🙂). I think I need to dig up a Mastermind bind guide (pretty sure I've seen a current-ish one around) and play with some /em commands. The idea of wolves with a laptop checking email etc. during downtime creates some funny images in my head. How do they work the laptop? Teach Siri to speak "howl"? Use ear and tail gesture recognition? 😛 

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