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  1. Slotting all 5 of the free prestige enh in a single power isn't necessarily a bad thing, if it's a power with a longish recharge you want to bring down a fair bit. They give 16.7% dam/recharge so even with all 5 slotted they will only be minimally (less than 1%) affected by the diminishing returns of ED. It's only when you start approaching around 95% (or 55% on def/res type powers) you will really start to see it kick in hard. Can't help with a build though, my only SR/MA is a tank, which is a bit different.
  2. I'm guessing he has never played before as you say you are trying to entice him to play? If so I'd suggest a brute or scrapper for him to start of with. And let's face it, anything can be paired with them. For theme, there is always the (usually mad) scientist and their creation. Something Rad or pain maybe for the scientist, and the creation could be anything, teenage genius turns their pet dog into a savage melee/SR brute for example. There's pretty broad scope where mad scientists are concerned. 😉
  3. Are there any holds and immobs that don't do any damage? I can't think of any off the top of my head.
  4. It would probably be worth noting in your final version that this, as the name suggests, is scaling resistance, so it has a base 3% which goes up as your health decreases to 13% at its max. Maybe put 3-13% resist with a note about it scaling as health decreases?
  5. I presume when you say the set up takes quite long you are meaning trip mine and time bomb? Mine is only level 27, so it's not high enough level to worry about that yet, but I think most people skip time bomb anyway. I may take trip mine but I'm not sure yet as I have been playing it like a ranged stalker, which I have been enjoying. Web grenade is good for keeping flying mobs (Skyraiders, CoT etc) away from you, caltrops for maps like caves where you can't get height, and taser for the persistent ones that manage to get too close (which doesn't happen that often). If I do take trip mine and find it is slowing me down I'll dump it, unless I find I need it for set bonuses.
  6. I know you don't like the P2W vendor, but the temp. buff amplifiers, especially the one that gives some status protection, are wonderful at low levels. You can get 8 hours worth of all 3 for 24k inf at level 1, or just the status protection one for 1k per hour (in game). Generally it makes the low levels much more pleasant to play, even more so for the likes of Kheldians that have quants and voids to deal with when they don't have much by way of offence or defence to do it. Personally I don't think there is a better 24k inf you can spend in game. The price for getting them ramps up dramatically as you level, so they are most beneficial for low levels and 8 hours is enough to get you to a point where you have the powers to deal with them.
  7. I have, and use, both. I never used to like the fire breath animation, and would probably have skipped it for aesthetic reasons, but now with the alternate animation I really enjoy it. Rain of fire, fire ball and fire breath and there will likely only be bosses left standing. I think it helps if you are hovering above the group while using fire breath as it essentially increases the radius of the cone making it more useful. If you are ground based you may not get as much joy out of it. Whether you keep Rain of fire I'd say depends on whether you mainly team or want to solo at x8. When soloing at x8 I find rain of fire does good damage, but causes spawns to scatter, which makes the other AoEs harder to use effectively. On teams where there are aoe holds, immobs or taunt auras keeping them in the damage zone it's worth having, but of the 2 if I were dropping one it'd probably be this one, although I'd miss it. I have tough to mule the res uniques. My build may not be optimal for things like taking down pylons, but it does just fine in actual gameplay including incarnate content and when exemping, and has the benefit of being pretty cheap as it uses sets like thunderstrikes and artillery, for the ranged def, which are not particularly expensive to get.
  8. I had beta decay and respecced out of it as it was constantly getting detoggled. While it's not a taunt aura per se, it does -tohit so it will cause aggro if you get too close while stealthed. Instead I built for ranged and smash/lethal defence, all of which are over 45% with the addition of the scorpion shield, I also built in some goal recharge. I have a couple of the melee attacks, mainly as mules for kinetic combat set, but frankly I don't really need them, Fire puts out a ton of AoE damage and Blaze, Blazing Bolt and Fire Blast do more than enough single target damage to finish off anything left after the AoEs. I also took hover/fly, maneuvers, hasten and the fighting pool. Boxing was useful as another mule set for KC, and tough and weave...well those are fairly obvious.
  9. I just keep mine in a global email.
  10. Neither do I, I've only ever bothered to get perma hasten on one build, my StJ/SR stalker, but usually you are having to sacrifice some set bonus or other to squeeze something like the FF in, where with gale for the sake of 2 additional slots (for the KB to KD and the FF) you have turned a power that most people hate (but have to take anyway depending on AT) into a wonderful utility power with minimal effort and investment.
  11. No force feedback chance for +rech in gale?
  12. I'd suggest a Bots/Rad MM. The good thing about them is they are really useful even with common IOs, so it can be cheap to run on a second account. You have accelerate metabolism for a team buff and a PBAoE heal which could be set to auto. The you have your debuffs: Rad infection, enervating field, and lingering rad for AV fights. Choking cloud is also really useful for shutting down minions and and LTs, plus if you add the lockdown chance for +2 hold you'll be surprised how often it gets bosses out the fight for a whle. Keep the pets in bodyguard mode and with the heal on auto the MM is unlikely to die quickly if things go south. The only real downsides are the bots don't really come into their own, damage wise, until they get the second upgrade at 32 and you'll probably want to invest in some sudden impact KB to KD IOs to keep targets in the bots, and the rest of the team's, AoEs. The first point shouldn't really be an issue as if you had a defender tied to a second account set to follow they probably wouldn't be attacking at all, so any damage the bots do is better than none. But once you get the second upgrade the damage will be good even when exemped down to level 27.
  13. It's been a while but isn't Rage the level 28 power on a tank? Regardless I think it's a likely to be a combination of things, and going defensive is a big factor. Another is Super strengths lack of an AoE damage power until level 38. It's a bit of a slog getting there with just ST attacks as it feels weak. Personally I tend to just switch between offensive and efficient on my Bio/SS tank, I very rarely bother with defensive except in very dire circumstances, and then it's usually just to get the extra absorbtion HP from ablative carapace, then switch back after. But it's pretty rare that's required. Yes, it'll get better, with more slots you'll feel less like you need to be in defensive, that'll help, more recharge will help and the AoE will help as you can concentrate on the bosses with the ST attacks while AoEing the minions, which speeds things up and makes it feel stronger. But I also use rage. I don't find the crash as annoying as many seem to. You can still do other things like use your bio powers, taunt etc during the downtime.
  14. Do you use Negatron Slam, or is it just there to get the kinetic combat set in? I'm presuming you use it but if not you could consider slotting out boxing to get the set bonus which would give you another power pick.
  15. Got my SR/MA to 31, running at +3x8 solo and decided to do a bit of stress testing. Scroll of Tielekku arc so mainly Banished Panthon, but the last mission also had CoT and warriors, meaning I was able to mix it up a bit, aggroing different spawns at the same time. It looks like where I am just now my smash/lethal res maxes out when down to around 14% health. My health kind of bounced around between that an 30% for a fair amount of time, but never really went lower as far as I could tell. My build is very similar to your build here: horn tooting, Redlynne, at the same level, except I have CJ and SJ instead of mystic flight and spirit ward and isn't as fully slotted. I have maneuvers but frankly I don't have the end to run it at this point (which is also why I am going +3 instead of +4), so it just has the PvP +res unique in it and is turned off. I have to say it's a lot of fun, even though it isn't the best damage going and I still have some serious end issues when fights get drawn out (thanks BP and CoT witth your -tohit!). I was saying to a couple of friends in game that it kind of reminds me of old school regen, back when it had the toggle instant heal, in that your health bar is yo-yoing up and down constantly, but you never really feel like you are in any great danger of faceplanting. And I expect it will only get stronger. It's definitely a set worth checking out, and you won't really go wrong if you take Redlynne's build as a template, though there is definitely room for tweaking it to your own style.
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