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  1. There is a cap on absorb, 100% of your base hit points, and it can make stacking them... undesireable.
  2. I like grav/time, especially if it comes to soloing a controller. Thematically they work well for me, plus time has some powers that help your Singularity. Farsight for the defence and temporal selection for the +regen seeing as you can't heal it. You can throw spirit ward on it, if you are so inclined, to make it even more tanky. And yes, tanky is a word. I need to get back to mine, I haven't played it for a while. So many alts, so little time (no pun intended).
  3. You can slot a couple of decent procs in your Jounin, the touch of lady grey negative damage one and the achilles heel chance for -res are probably the pick of the bunch as most of their attacks do -def, so they go off a fair amount. But, because you don't have somewhere like hell on earth or gang warfare to mule the pet uniques that give your henchies extra def and res, slots are tight. You may want to see about getting those for mitigation first, rather than going for more damage from procs.
  4. As luck would have it they can be slotted from level 10. Check your ingame email.
  5. Glad to hear you are enjoying that combo as well. If you haven't already try adding the Overwhelming force chance for knockdown to your Genin. It adds a lot of mitigation as most enemies are on their backs for much of the fights. I know I mentioned it before but it really is worth checking out if you didn't before. And don't discount infirgidate, it can be procced out to be a decent damage dealer to help out as well. I have mine 6 slotted, 3 shield breakers, including the chance for lethal, the achilles heel chance for -res, impeded swiftness chance for smashing and the touch of la
  6. Wait, we were meant to roll 3 combos and pick? I thought it was 3 D100 rolls and just went with the first combo I rolled. At least it wasn't a Dom, I really struggle to get into playing those.
  7. OK, so here is Photuris Pyralis, fire/bio stalker currently level 25. A volunteer for a medical trial, or so they thought, it was actually yet another Crey front attempting to weaponise super powers. The serum however didn't actually take. Unbeknownst to the Crey scientists, the person that would become Photuris Pyralis had already begun to develop mutations and, instead of giving them a specific power, it triggered a defence reaction that massively sped up the ongoing mutations. It also made them slightly unhinged. After escaping the facility they have gone on a bit of a rampage a
  8. You'd need to set the min value to 100.
  9. You could do it as a D10000 and starting from 100, and just assume the last 2 digits are the decimals. Assuming there isn't an option for decimals anyway. So I am finding, got it to level 22 so far.
  10. 84-39-2 Looks like a fire/bio stalker. Could be interesting. Not sure how they'll be able to hide while holding a burning sword right enough... Edit: Not sure if I was doing something wrong or had the wrong settings on the dice roll page but mine were not showing decimal places. Without decimals some numbers would give 2 possible results. Is there a setting for adding decimal places I'm missing?
  11. I really wouldn't read too much into what is posted in here, I certainly wouldn't extraploate anything from it. Regular forum users are rarely representative of the wider gaming population. I would fully expect we have orders of magnitude more, both in inf and sorage items, than the vast majority of typical players, from shared knowledge about the most efficient ways of obtaining both if nothing else.
  12. With regards number 7, don't forget team insps. Those affect all your minions in range. I pretty much only unlock team insps to drop on my MMs. @Herotu It's a games forum, there is no room for subtlety here! 😉 With regards slotting your protector bots, consider (at 50 at least) maybe a hami acc/dam with the soulbound allegiance damage only IO. If you +5 that you are looking at around 33% acc and 95% damage from just 2 slots, leaving you 4 slots for procs. The other 2, if you want to use them (I tend to skip the one with aoe def/taunt res) can be spread over drones amd assualt bot.
  13. I was going to make a lot of the same points, but you saved me the time. I agree with 2 or 3 slotting gale for the FF proc. It's also pretty good mitigation with the sudden impact kb to kd. And with sloting the SI kb to kd in tornado, that makes a huge difference I find. You can slot another FF +rech in lightning storm, which will pretty much always trigger, but if you are spamming gale it will only refresh the +rech, it won't add more recharge on top, so could be a waste, depending on your play style. I don't really have much to add on the beast side of things, mine is
  14. This thread is almost 2 years old. I doubt they are still looking for help to be honest.
  15. I had a ninja/trick arrow and I absolutely hated the combo. So much so it took me ages to go near ninjas again. When I did I went ninjas/cold and that has been a great pairing. Not a huge amount of res, but when you add the uniques, plus arctic fog, then layer frostwork on top of pretty much softcapped defences they are very surviveable, I also took aid other and field medicine for spot healing them when required. They also put out more damage than I was expecting. If you have the spare inf the overwhelming force chance for knockdown in your Genin works really well.
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