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  1. If that last picture is anything to go by what we are getting are bracers/bracelets that are so tight they cut off the blood supply to your hands...
  2. The issue with TW is they are monsters at 50, but they are just not fun to level (in my experience). That's fine if you are PLing them to 50, but not if you are playing them to get there. I expect there are a LOT of shelved TWs out there, which is not what the devs will want to see as there are enough people bypassing content to get to 50 as it is without giving them more reasons to do it.
  3. Same for me, so think it is an OpenOffice issue. I can live with it though after saving as an ods it's not so bad. And cheers Bopper. This is something I needed I had no idea I needed!
  4. Edit: deleted as double post.
  5. A little late, and slightly off topic, but you don't need to go anywhere for the vault reserve. You can click where it says vault reserve at the top left of your normal salvage pop up window.
  6. I think the OP made an error by aiming it at the "anti" crowd, I think if it had instead been aimed at the "currently don't PvP but are vaguely curious", it might have gone over better. Then again, maybe not...
  7. That is certainly one of the things that puts me off. When you are used to things working in a certain way and then suddenly they don't it can cause confusion and, even if that is only momentary, that can often be enough to get you killed in PvP. It isn't conducive to people dabbling in PvP every now and then, if they fancy having a go for a laugh.
  8. My Claws tank would heartily disagree with sentinels doing more damage and having bigger AoEs...
  9. If multiple tickets by multiple people aren't being dealt with as there literally aren't enough GMs to deal with them all, then volunteering to help them out seems a very valid answer to me.
  10. For me it would probably have to require a level playing field. That ship has sailed, so it's unlikely I will ever go back to it. The most fun I ever had with PvP was way back when RV was being beta tested. You could level up anything straight away to level 40 and kit it out with SOs, so everyone was on the same baseline. You got to try out loads of builds and it was an absolute hoot. I'm not sure if something similiar is possible on beta nowadays, or even if making the beta server the PvP server would work as the current population probably couldn't sustain that.
  11. A start would be if you could use current base maps in missions. It'd be nice if you are doing an arc for your SG and your base could be part of it. You would probably need a flag so that people can opt out if they don't want people to see/use their layouts in missions, but I think a lot of people wouldn't mind having their work seen by more people.
  12. You could do it as a bind, rather than a macro? Something like: /bind button5 powexec_location target powername Using button 5 on your mouse would activate it so you don't need the macro and the power in your tray, just the power for seeing when it is recharged. It depends really what you use the mouse buttons for (if anything) currently. Lshift+key is another option. I prefer binds to macros for most things like attacks, as my trays are cluttered enough as it is!
  13. It'd be something like /macro TPTF powexec_location target powername Edit: Or do you mean you just want to say it? That would be /macro name say Teleport attack at $target You can change say to local, team, etc. depending on which channel you want it in.
  14. That's something I've often wanted, the further the KB into things the more damage. It would make slotting for KB actually meaningful. Another thing I would like to see is to be able to purchase through the AH, or with merits, slot unslotters and power unslotters. Like enhancement unslotters, but they let you remove the slot/power so you can rechoose them without having to go through a full respec. I hate having to do a full respec when I only want to change one power.
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