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  1. I wouldn't be against the idea. I was going to say it may be better as a Giant Monster with a high mag single target hold, but GMs rarely get taken on much these days so it would probably be a waste of time doing that. Being an AV in a new arc would likely be the way to go. Having said that I don't think the snakey hair would be easy to do, and might take up an unrealistic amount of dev time. If it's easy to do though I'm all for it.
  2. I don't know if you are still trying to figure this out, as it has been a while since you asked, but the answer is no I'm afraid. There are things you can try, like adding powexec_auto haste on to a bind for a power you already use very regularly, like an attack or a targeting bind and another like powexec_auto practiced brawler on to another regularly used bind and you will cycle them. It's not perfect though, as if you hit the same one twice in a row it turns off the auto toggle, so you need to pay attention and make sure you keep checking if one of them is toggled on, and also t
  3. Indeed, I said much the same earlier as well.
  4. I edited the previous post with a link, but then realised you wouldn't get a notification about that, so this is just so you know it's there.
  5. You do, but it's been a while so I can't remember what the exact mechanic was. I'll see if I can find Boppers post that had his test values and post a link. Edit: it's here
  6. It is how it works in PvE. Resistance is, as you say, its own debuff res, but the hard cap for resistance amount is not the same as for the debuff res amount, so you could have 109% res which gives you 90% actual res and 109% debuff res. I asked the question a while ago, assuming it worked the way you thought it did but not sure, no one else was sure either but Bopper tested it and confirmed debuff res is taken from the total amount, not the capped amount, of res.
  7. Why is 109% res silly? Your resistancce debuff resistance isn't capped at 90% (as you are mentioning tankers), so having higher than 90% res can actually be pretty useful. In PvE at least, not sure if it works the same in PvP. That being said I would like to see all the T9 crashes reduced to the point where I might actually consider using the power, rather than merely taking it as another mule for set bonuses, so I wouldn't actually be against the powers base values being reduced if that's what it takes to make it happen.
  8. Lady Grey TF doesn't really need controllers, I did it with 2 MMs that had one epic hold between them. Admittedly they were demons and necro pets, so a couple of holds in there, but still, no controllers required.
  9. As has been said there is no upper limit for the set bonuses, when the IOs say they have a slottable range of say 17-40 it just means that after 40 the IO won't give any further stat increases from the individual IOs (acc/dam/rech and the like) but you will continue to get any applicable set bonuses all the way to 50.
  10. You can still slot the stealth IO, just put it in one of your sprint powers instead of SS.
  11. If you are doing it do it on the alt with the most influence as it is expensive to do. Other than that it doesn't really matter which one you do it on, as you can craft them and put them in your SG storage for alts to use. Plus you may well find you use common IOs less and less with each new alt, instead using attuned IOs bought from the AH anyway.
  12. It's certainly worth doing at least once, but it does get tedious after a while. I tend to just open the Alpha by doing DA arcs these days, so I have the components available when it unlocks. There is a silly quirk to that though. You can't talk to the contact in PI that leads you to DA (Nolan I think?) and get their mission until your Alpha slot is unlocked. The work around is you need to do their intro mission via Ouro, when you have done that Heather's arc is available and can be run normally, even without the Alpha being unlocked.
  13. Possibly it's just a semantcis issue, but to avoid confusion to the OP, you don't gain incarnate xp straight away when you hit 50, you have to train up first. That may be what you meant by "leveled up to 50", but I usually think of that as when you ding, rather than when you have trained to 50, so I thought it best to mention it in case the OP thinks of it that way as well.
  14. Go redside and join in someone else's patron arc. Technically you only need to do the final mission for the badge. You still won't be able to pick the patron pool until 35 though.
  15. I have a couple of alts on reunion, but haven't played there for a long time. It seemed pretty quiet by comparison to Everlasting, even during what would be considered peak times here. Not sure if that is still the case or not.
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