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  1. I usually open with fireball. I find if you open with firebreath the longer animation time gives the group more time to scatter, meaning a follow up fireball might not be as effective.
  2. It does work with the hand animation, that's how I have it on my fire/atomic, I wouldn't have taken the power if I couldn't as I hate the breathing animation. As for the power itself I like it. I think a lot depends on your play style, for thematic reasons I went fly/hover and when you are using cones from above they are much more effective than using them at ground level, due to basic geometry. Artillery is a good, cheap, set to consider for it. 4% ranged defence and it has +range, couple that with the range bonus after using a snipe and you have a very decent ranged cone. It's not an essential power by any means, but I get a lot of mileage out of it, although I can see why others might skip it.
  3. Ah, yeah, on the rare occassions I used costume changes it was with an emote attached right enough.
  4. Also, one of the amplifiers you can get from the P2W vendor, the defence one I believe, gives a bit of mez protection. I always buy them for my new alts and still somehow get surprised when I get to around level 20+ and don't notice they've expired and I get held!
  5. I disagree, mitigation through hard controls, when they are all locked down solid, is where it gets boring for me. Soft controls at least keeps you on your toes. Which is why I have created a new energy/sonic blaster today, and I don't plan on using any kb to kd IOs... should be interesting!
  6. OK, now to be clear, this is not a build I would use myself, I tried to keep the powers as close to what you had as possible, as I figured you like them, so this is what I did with minimal power and slot changes. Softcapped fire defence was the priority (defences across the board have been improved), and then some improved recharge. As a bonus it has capped smash/lethal res now if you wanted to change the farm type to keep things interesting. It does have less regen, but the +heal IOs (panacea and power transfer) should counter that. The major downside is it would be relatively expensivel, with the 2 lots of winter sets in it. I replaced assault with maneuvers, for the extra defence and also the extra recharge. You won't notice the lack of the damage boost, with softcapped fire def you won't need purples or greens, so insp dropss you get can all be combined into reds for extra damage. Now I'm definitely not advocating you to use this build, I just threw it together in about 5 minutes, but it should give you some ideas as to what you can do. Morfaust_ CL_mids_build-1.mxd
  7. You don't do it by combining IOs, although it is done through the same screen, instead you combine the IO with an enhancement booster. You can buy them from the AH, or with merits from a vendor. It's a bit late here to be putting a build together now, but I get a chance I'll try and have a look at it tomorrow.
  8. First question, is this going to be purely a farmer, or are you planning to do other things with it? If it is primarily a fire farmer you are looking to boost your fire def a bit more than it currently is. The first thing I'd do is drop 2 of the unbreakable guards from tough and put in the steadfast protection res/def and the PVP gladiator's armor tp/def, those 2 will boost your fire def (well all your defs actually) by another 6%. Another tip is you can drop a slot from fiery embrace and +5 the 2 remaining recharge IOs. 2 +5 level 50s will be around 95% (I can't remember the exact figure off the top of my head) meaning you can add another slot eleswhere. I do have a staff alt, but admittedly it's been quite a while since I played it, however your slotting of guarded spin seems... odd to me. Bearing in mind it's been a while, I am not certain about this, but doesn't it need to hit to give the defence bonus? No slotted accuracy in it doesn't seem a great idea. Maybe look at a winters set for it that gives more fire defence? Also using another set of Aegis in fire shield will net you a bit more fire def than using imperviums. I know you want to play around with the build yourself, so I won't build one for you, these are just some general pointers.
  9. Without seeing your build it's hard to give pointers. Something else to bear in mind though is that most people that farm at +4*8 have the incarnate level shift, so things are really only +3 to them, also they have the extra damage that incarnate powers bring to the table. It's not just about the build directly, it's a combination of that and incarnate abilities. And isnp combining helps somewhat as well, of you aren't doing that already.
  10. Most can, they generally have a chance of going off every 10 seconds, roughly. There are some exceptions, you can't for example slot in inherent passive powers things like the celerity stealth, or blessing of the zephyr kb protection into swift or hurdle.
  11. A trip to the AH? You do know you can just use /ah from anywhere outside a mission or sg base right? Edit: or if you are too lazy, like me, to type /ah every time /macro AH AH
  12. A suggestion for you: There is the ability in game to have multiple builds for a character. Why not create a second build that focuses more on offence, and the empathy buffs, over the heals (I'm not saying don't take them, just don't prioritise them). That way you can choose whether you want to play dedicated healer, which may be a viable option if you are exemping a lot, or take another role on teams that don't really need that. Or perhaps even to solo. Apologies if anyone has already suggested this, admittedly I skim read a fair chunk of the replies.
  13. You can convert pretty much anything from a set, including ATOs, PvP sets and purples. The question is do you really need to? I'd say no to that usually, you can burn through a LOT of converters getting to the the set, or AT, you want, never mind to the individual IO you need. Often it is best just to convert until you get to something that sells well and drop it on the AH, then buy the one you want instead of trying to make it directly. The exception to that is, of course, if there are none of the one you want for sale. Then your best bet is to try and buy a different one from the same set and convert in set to get the one you need, to minimise the number of converters you are going to use.
  14. Because of the way the AH works on homecoming any set IO that is listed for sale on it can be bought as attuned. Ie if a seller lists a level 37 thunderstrike, you can buy it from them as a level 50, level, 30 or any other level the set is available at,or as attuned. So if you are after an attuned version and have crafted one yourself with a level, unless it is so expensive that the auction fee is going to be higher than the cost of a catalyst (almost never), you are best just to sell the one you have and buy the attuned version, instead of attuning it yourself.
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