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Returning to the game on the same type of computer


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I started playing City of Heroes in 2005

@Voltak on live servers and I played it up until closing time. 

However, as soon as CoH made it possible to play on a Mac, I did just that.  

Just today I found out about COH being back in this manner, which I admire and appreciate the loving work done to accomplish this. 

I am trying to see if I can get it to run on my M1 Mac.  I only pray it does . 

OMG , I am so happy to find you guys.  

God knows I spent a fortune of time AND MONEY playing this game throughout the years.  I bought every costume and everything sold by NCSoft for the game, a true loving fan. 

The best game ever made for the computer, hands down. 

I long for the game every year, every month, every week. 

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