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Incarnate Omega Slot : Signature Powers?

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If incarnate system development continues, can omega slot reserved for signature powers I wonder?

Not that I expect it, just something to think about.

It will basically allow you to make your own power however broken that is. (blasters having access to 3rd judgment lol)

That said there should be limit imposed as well. Not that I expect it done mind you. Just something to think about in future.

Recharge Limit should be between 5 min and 20 min as starters.

Min end cost 20. Max end cost 100

No toggles except limited toggles like hybrid slot

You can increase end cost to reduce recharge on power for example and vice versa.

You can decrease both if power has negative effects on you (crashes)

Now exploits. Anyone can make overpowered power with minimum recharge/end ratio

Examples : Ranged AoE Extreme (Insert damage type here) Damage,

Self -1000 recovery -100 endurance.

Typically doing this you can reduce recharge/end cost. However you can use ageless to get back in second anyways.

That is why I don't expect done. But... what if using your Signature power ''exhaust'' your incarnate powers for X seconds?

Then crashes can be semi permanent. Exploits fixed. (I am sure there is more than one exploit but I can't think it right now.)

But like I said I don't expect it done anyway. Just something to think about.

Hmm, now that I think about it. It will be nightmare to code and balance wouldn't it?


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That would almost definitely require some code alteration, or some extremely clever manipulation of the existing power systems.


The way the game's powers work, under normal circumstances powers are pre-built before you even open the client, so having any kind of dynamic power system would require a lot of chicanery with the systems as-is.


I could imagine a few possible ways it could be implemented, but my understanding of the game's nuts and bolts is limited, and based upon i24 stuff that may not be true for HC/i26+.

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