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  1. That would almost definitely require some code alteration, or some extremely clever manipulation of the existing power systems. The way the game's powers work, under normal circumstances powers are pre-built before you even open the client, so having any kind of dynamic power system would require a lot of chicanery with the systems as-is. I could imagine a few possible ways it could be implemented, but my understanding of the game's nuts and bolts is limited, and based upon i24 stuff that may not be true for HC/i26+.
  2. Hey, that's Homecoming's policy and that's all there really is to it in the end. If they want the Synergist, it's available to them as with every other server, but it doesn't seem that the HC dev team is interested, and that's fine.
  3. Yeah, it's available on some other servers (I don't think I'm supposed to promote them here?). If you look around, you'll find it.
  4. Hey, @RubyRed do you think it would be difficult to adapt this to read Parse6 Bins? It would be really helpful for retrieving power data and the like for build planning tools on various servers.
  5. Oh, yeah, it's available on the We Have Cake server, and it's coming to Sanctuary.
  6. Actually it just directly grants the powers, much like how MM upgrades grant powers.
  7. I suppose I could also host it on my own personal gitlab. Here's the publicly available git for it. It's mirrored to the original, so it's going to be the same as the one available on Ourodev, but you will need to follow the instructions for "IF YOU DO NOT USE MY BRANCH". I also updated the def files so Mental Projection is more easily usable without my code alterations, but it will still take a small alteration to the power definitions. I would still recommend joining the Ourodev discord, as they have a lot of helpful people with valuable information on how
  8. They have two sets: Synergist's Coordination and Shared Victory. They're both Damage sets that can be slotted into Assault or Pri/Sec Pet powers. Synergist's Coordination's sixth enhancement applies a Build Up Proc to the user (the player if slotted in an attack power, the pet(s) if slotted in a pet power) Shared Victory's sixth enhancement applies a Level Shift proc to your pets, regardless of if it's set in your assault power or pet power. Otherwise, they resemble the Mastermind ATO sets.
  9. Alright, so I know I've been basically totally absent for months, but I wanted to let you guys know that I actually have the Archetype (including ATO enhancements) working and playable. It's going to be on the Sanctuary server in a future update, but it's also publicly available for use by any server, including Homecoming on the Ourodev Gitlab, so you can find it there. Fair warning, it does require a minor server/client code alteration to fully work, so if anyone running a server wants to run it, they'll either need to incorporate that change or slightly alter the data files. The
  10. Nah, I'm super inactive with City of Heroes, I haven't even played on Homecoming in forever. I just occasionally pop by to lurk at this point. Besides, while there's some thematic similarity, I think it's more a case of the devs having a similar idea, rather than anything I could possibly take credit for.
  11. Pretty well, actually. I've got the powers working with Ouroboros's i24 dataset, except for the capstone powers. Basically, the T9 for the secondaries is a transformation, either merging with your partner or transforming into them. (For example, wearing the Assault Bot as an armor suit and getting some Absorb and access to some of its attacks, or taking an Astral form and getting similar powers to your Astral doppelganger). Some of those have been...funky. Especially since trying to wrap my head around how the game's animation system works is a giant pain. I'll see if I can record a video on o
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