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In Mission Dialogue missing


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Last night I was running through the Marshal Brass arc on Redside and realised that none of the NPCs were actually talking.


There are a few pieces of automated dialogue with Professor Echo and Amanda Vines that should pop up at certain points during the missions and I noticed that none of these seemed to have occurred. This got me to thinking and I can't actually remember whether I have seen any in-mission dialogue since rejoining the game (barring cutscene animations - and possible the Dr Graves arc, though I can't remember if that was done through automated dialogue or via interactions).


I've checked through the bug reports here and haven't seen anything flagged but wanted to check, has anyone else noticed this?

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Right-click on your chat window, select "Edit Tab" and add "NPC dialog" to your list of active channels.





I completely forgot that I rebuilt Global chat to remove some of the spammier channels, must have left out NPC Dialog.

Thanks Leandro.

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