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Cable concept


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BR/WP with Psi mastery and probably Fighting/Leadership/Speed/Teleport to shore-up WP and other utility?  Gonna be a *bleep”-ton of toggles...


Never played a Sentinel so any feedback/tips appreciated. 

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Your first challenge is going to be trimming down powers because squeezing all of that in is going to be hard.  

You can skip Resurgence in Willpower if you want.  You could skip Strength of Will too, but I'd suggest you play with it first to decide you want it or not.  That's about it for Willpower.  Willpower slotting is really straight forward and pretty easy.  Slap a 1 end redux and 3x of the type (defense, heal, or resist) in the toggles.  2 or more slots in the passives depending on what you're going for.  

Beam Rifle can utilize almost all of its attacks.  You could pick either Single Shot or Charged Shot and ignore the other.  You could skip Cutting Beam if you like.  That's it.  Disintegrate, Lancer Shot, and Piercing Beam are your core attacks.  You'll use either Single Shot or Charge Shot as filler.  Refractor Beam is unique to Sentinels and worth taking.  Aim is useful to line up with Overcharge.  5 to 6 slot your attacks.  

If you take Fighting you likely know the drill.  Leadership take at least Maneuvers and you may not have too much room for more depending on how far you go into Psi Mastery.  Speed for Hasten is an easy choice.  Pick your favorite teleport power but going too deep is going to be tough.  

In Psi Mastery you're going to start struggling for slots depending on how you've designed this.  Mass Hypnosis can be good on 1 slot for solo PvE.  The real gem is Link Minds to get you more defense and a bit more to-hit.  That is shared with your team so that's nice.  Mind Probe, Dominate, and Shockwave can open up new damage paths but you're spreading thin.  It's workable but it will backload the power of the character which can be annoying.  

Quick Recovery and Stamina with some Performance Shifter +end procs won't make toggles too bad.  Turning them all on if you die sucks, but it is what it is.  

Most important tip... Have fun.  Don't over think it too much and enjoy the ride.  

Another possible choice for Cable is a Blaster, Corruptor or Defender using Beam Rifle and Time Manipulation.  Teleport for travel and then whatever else you wanted to squeeze in.

Oh, and the other problem is going to be figuring out what to put in all of those pouches you'll need to have on your costume.  Thankfully, there are plenty of big shoulder pads. 😛 

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