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More Plant Manipulation issues, this time some inconsistent Vines


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Once again I could just be misunderstanding the mechanics of the power, but Vines for Plant Control seems to be rather varied in its hold timings against bosses.  I dropped a Lockdown proc in it to help control Bosses, but i'm noticing that a number of bosses are only held for about a second before breaking free with this in effect, and sometimes they remain held for a few seconds longer, more consistent with the power's reported numbers.  I kept a Nemesis Warhulk with the same level as me alive to try this out on, it had no additional support, no Vengeance or Fake Nemesis bubble and no additional source of Hold other than Lockdown (though some immobilize to make sure I didn't get clocked).  I used Vines on it four times, Lockdown Proc'd on each use.  Three of the four uses saw the Warhulk break out of his hold after two seconds, while one instance kept it held for about ten seconds, I assume either the full duration of the Lockdown proc or the 1.0 mag Hold reported by Vines (which with my level and enhancements is about nine seconds).  I've noticed similar timings on other boss mobs, such as Rikti Chiefs and Hydra Man o' Wars.  Seeing as the power doesn't say something like "X% chance for 2.00 magnitude hold" I would assume the full duration of the combined hold magnitudes should be landing but it seems like either they aren't or the numbers aren't adding up, and even then the inconsistent timings are also strange.  Maybe someone can take a look under the hood on this one and see if something's up with it?


Should mention, I'm pretty sure it's not the proc itself.  When the boss breaks free after a couple seconds, if I immediately apply a Strangler, the Lockdown visual effect returns.  Strangler does not have a Lockdown in it.


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