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Can someone point me toward a current version of Mids where the UI isnt messed up

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I found a version and downloaded it but the UI was all super small and when i tried enlarging it the UI was all messed up with everything lining up incorrectly, like the power descriptions and the enhancement slots being off kilter, so I reverted to my older version. 

Any help would be appreciated. 


Thank You in Advance. 

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So what tends to happen is that folks have all kinds of 'versions' of Mid's and when the Mid's Reborn team updated for i27 they made some cosmetic changes (improvements).  What has happened a few times (including to me) is when you install the i27 version it doesn't always go perfect the first time.  You may need to rename or remove the older version and make sure when you install the new one that it goes into it's own new directory.  Also, .NET can be a factor.


Here's a thread that talks about it - check to see if this is what you are experiencing:



I would start by doing a clean install from;


Mids Reborn: Hero Designer


Then if that doesn't fix it move on to repairing .NET (or upgrading if needed).


Lastly, I advise folks to be careful not to accidentally delete saved builds while doing this.  Usually people save them elsewhere but just in case your save folder is in the old Mid's directory be careful not to delete it (if you decide to delete the old Mid's folder instead of renaming it).


Hope this helps!

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