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  1. "The Duck of Death" (from "Unforgiven")
  2. I am aware of that. I was simply reflecting on my actual experiences, not making a blanket statement about drunken behavior. 👍
  3. Yes. I hardly drink anymore. Used to drink regularly in the evenings after work while playing mmo's. A few beers or a cocktail or three. Too expensive anymore - other things I would rather spend my money on. Plus as I get older it's just not much of a fair trade - messes with everything from sleep to digestion. Even back then though I tried not to get hammered (was on-call most of the time). Also, I can think of a few times when gaming drunk caused issues with raids or groups. People get stupid and obnoxious thinking they are being funny. With Teamspeak / Ventril
  4. I had heard rumors that there are other things out there to do besides CoX so I began investigating. I turns out that the rumors are wildly exaggerated and there is not much else to do. (unless you're into having a real 'life' or whatever...) 😁
  5. It's when I'm making Top Ramen and can't find the flavor packet.
  6. THIS is what I first thought too! lol Would be kind of fun! Plug in a bunch of 'Trivial Pursuit' style questions with multiple choice answers. Could tie into badges or even offer some silly reward like an inspiration / enhancement / recipe, or even a temp boost power. Or maybe just a 'fun' temp power. Regarding the NPC's chasing you down to thank you, I don't know how far because I totally ignore them. I'm usually already in the next battle when they show up and then I just think "Not too smart are ya? Go home! Get out of this neighborhood! Why are you still
  7. I too have been using Razer mice and keyboards for many years (since they first came out also). They are still okay, but nowhere near as good as they once were IMO. It used to take a lot of use and abuse before the mouse or keyboard would give out. Not so true any more. Now it seems to be hit or miss. Additionally, I would add that their decision to move toward an online software for creating and storing profiles is stupid (again IMO). It's buggy as bleep. It likes to also forget my logging credentials regularly and refuse to let me back in until I reset my password. St
  8. As others have stated, electric shock causes nerves to trigger muscles. Between the using up of ATP and buildup of things like lactate your muscles become tired. Additionally, nerves are very susceptible to electric shock and have their own side effects. From the internet: A shock can affect the nervous system Nerves are tissue that offers very little resistance to the passage of an electric current. When nerves are affected by an electric shock, the consequences include pain, tingling, numbness, weakness or difficulty moving a limb. These effects may clear up with time or
  9. Yeah, as I mentioned before I suspect that this has to do with multiple instances writing / reading / deleting from the same temp subdirectory. Wonder if it is possible to have them write into unique subdirectories that get deleted when done?
  10. I too occasionally get these errors. Is it possible when running multiple files at the same time that a file could be common to more than one and on e it gets deleted by the first instance, the next instance is confused when it isn’t there any longer (a timing thing resulting from running multiple extractions at the same time)? Also fyi that I shut down during the peak electric hours as my local utility has me mistaken for a rich man. Lol Will be booting back up again shortly. 😀
  11. Actually I was being nice. Not enabling. Not creating problems. I do agree with the overall point you made though about feeding attention seekers and reinforcing bad behaviors. I just did not get that from this person. They seemed genuinely confused imo.
  12. You are an interesting one. I’ll give you that much. The entire tone of your reply is completely over dramatic. I am not discounting your feelings. I am simply disagreeing with your point of view which seems to have some deeply rooted bad taste for this place. Did chat logs kill your family or something? My apologies if so. Also, I posted in this thread to try to help folks see this realistically. If my post inflamed you that was not the intent. I can see now that my attempt to point out that you might be getting a bit too worked up over this failed. I will no longer post
  13. If I am hosting a server and decide that I want to review chat logs for a valid reason, then that is what I will do. The players who take offense to that have every right to feel offended and intruded upon. But anyone expecting actual privacy in an online video game I would compare to someone being outraged by their employer calling them out for trashing management via company email. What did you expect? Does this mean I am for that information being used to punish folks forever using documented bad behavior as a weapon? Not at all. Both ‘sides’ of th
  14. The OP is coming across like a "stage 5 clinger". No offense OP but THAT can annoy folks to the point of NOT wanting to group up with you. Maybe I'm wrong but unless you can provide a bit more of an example of what is happening exactly vs what you expect. I personally WILL NEVER group with a 'puppy' bouncing around me sending me tells "Let's team up!", "Invite please!", "Can I join?", etc. etc all while spamming me with team invite requests. Yeah, that would not be my lack of friendliness... that would be more an issue on your part. Homecoming is one of the friend
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