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  1. Been with CoX since the beginning but never got around to trying PB or WS on Live. Recently I created a few to try out and decided to try human-form only and so far I'm having fun with them (will try other forms "someday"... Anyhow for my first Kheldian I found a player with a toon named Auri (thanks to Auri) who looked so awesome I literally copied her and just changed her colors and a couple of her abilities. Note: I have never copied someone else's toon design before as I usually have my own inspiration/theme/back story. I named my female PB Wysper and have received a couple tells liking the name. Her name is derived from one of my mains in The Secret World named Wysp. I liked her so much I created another literally identical PB ability-wise only male this time and called him Mister Ri (mystery). He is also fun/awesome. So, just recently, I got an altitis attack and came up with a male human-from only WS. He looks awesome. His build is derived from the rather awesome build Action Sloth (thanks to Action Sloth) has come up with only I wanted Mystic Flight so I worked that in as a travel power. His name is one I rather like: Troubulation. (trouble and tribulation combined) Wysper is already T4 and I'm working on getting the other two full incarnate. I have to say CoX is the most addictive MMO ever made for me when it comes to the character creation. You can spend days coming up with the perfect look, build, back story and of course name. This game rocks. Homecoming rocks. This community rocks.
  2. I am happy to report that the latest patch on test fixed the aura toggle issue and mob behavior seems to be back to how it was originally (tested with my fire/fire brute in an AE I am extremely familiar with). Thanks again to the Homecoming team for everything you do! You folks are awesome!
  3. Ran my fire/fire brute through an AE run I am extremely familiar with and I am happy to report the aura toggling issue has been resolved and the mob behavior was exactly as it was originally. THANK YOU! I cannot say thanks enough to the Homecoming team for everything. I know this was a weird one and tricky to figure out but I had faith! You are awesome! Thank you all again for all you do! - Jim
  4. Just thought I would pop in here and say that the latest patch on Beta seems to fix the mob scattering for my fire/fire brute if I detoggle blazing aura before zoning in and then turn it back on after zoning in and waiting 12 or so seconds. Once I did that my entire run behaved pretty much the way it used to originally. So they still have something that needs to be fixed but they are getting pretty close! I recommend to anyone who can to jump on Pineapple (beta/test) and see if todays patch over there seems to work (as long as you wait to toggle on your aura after you zone in). They could use your feedback over there. It's easy to have your toons copied over now so you can test exactly what you are familiar with. Note: On my first test I zoned in with my fiery aura on and the scattering was still happening so if you still see scattering make sure to try the detoggle aura-zone in-wait a few seconds-retoggle aura trick. Anyhow, seems like they are making progress and sounded like folks in this thread might want to check it out for themselves.
  5. Decided to do one more quick test tonight. This time I detoggled Blazing Aura before zoning into the AE and then zoned in waited 12+ seconds before toggling it back on. This time, everything seems to be working pretty close if not exactly the same as originally. Very very few runners. Awesome! It seems like this fixes it if you can just get the part about "zoning with the aura toggled on" working. Also, this brought back those missing taunt messages. Will keep an eye out for a patch to test out the zoning with aura toggle running. Thanks!
  6. Took my fire/fire brute through my usual AE and I'm still seeing a lot of runners. Strangely, todays patch seems to have made some improvement over the previous beta patch in that there are slightly fewer runners and more seem to come back more quickly and not run as far away - however, it also seems like I am seeing fewer taunt messages than the previous test patch? Weird. Anyhow, this seems to be going in the right direction but it's not yet back to how it originally was. At least for my fire/fire brute. Only ran one run through tonight. Will try again tomorrow to see if I can get more specifics. Thanks!
  7. I don't normally post much in forums but I really want to say a HUGE thank you to the Homecoming team for not only bringing back one of the best MMO's ever made but also for all their awesome work improving it for us. I was a senior software engineer at a major worldwide company for 22 years and making changes to complex code written by others can get tricky to say the least. I for one very much appreciate what you guys are doing, even if it means my fire farmer has to take a little vacation (or endure what looks like a drunken soccer match until this gets fixed, lol). Also, I am enjoying the fury changes. They are a significant improvement on several of my brutes. I'm looking forward to trying out the tanker changes soon too. I have a lowbie I made and parked but now I'm going to pull him off the shelf and dust him off. Keep up the good work guys! Captain Powerhouse, you're doing great! Thanks again! - Jim
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