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Rikti week invasion - spread the invasions out please


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    I been waiting for this week for along time, since i had 20 level 50 alts trying to get the elusive mind accolade...


    When the Rikti in their schedule attack, they attack as many as 4 different zones at a time, with just a few minutes between each commenced attack.


     What I am asking instead of shut gunning the attacks, spread them out. Lets have one attack, let them leave the zone, then moments later the next zone is attacked, and so forth.


     This way players can form leagues, even during low turn out hours, and be able to get the badges required to get the accolade, also regardless of what time you logged on, you will have a chance to get into a Rikti attack and start working towards the badges.


     Lastly in consideration for those players who can only play during low turn out hours, having leagues of 14 or more to get the heavies to spawn is rather harsh, could you have them spawn with a team of 8 instead as the minimum requirement, and let the duration of the attacks be sufficient for a team of 8 to get the 10 heavies?


    Only a suggestion, also it would be good if the Rikti attacked more often and not once a year during Rikti Invasion week, not saying to stop the Rikti week, but have also, above and beyond, Rikti invasions during the day at different zones at a spawn rate similar to GMs, for example for blue side the ideal Rikti "GM" spawn sites would be Talos and PI and have them be attacked in a GM like schedule each day.





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