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Allow players to share inspirations with all forms of pets to include Lores


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     I read that in the latest release MM's could take an EoE and their henchmen would enjoy the benefits as well; which is great.


     But my question, why limit it to just EoEs? Why not let the effect of any inspiration affect the pets? This way the MM can help their pets be more accurate, heal via inspiration, augment damage, etc.


      Taking this a step further, why limit this ability to MMs only? The average person loves their pets, and go to through considerable effort to keep them happy and healthy.


      Lastly I am not positive if Lore pets benefit from EoEs as henchmen, there is no records to say one way or another. But as suggested above, any player could take an inspiration and affect their support staff, and thus the Lores would be included.





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