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How does Darkness Control's Shadow Field work?


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I'm trying out Darkness Control for the first time and I don't quite get how Shadow Field works. It doesn't work like other sets' AOE holds, in that the mobs inside the dome merely has a chance to be held. Is that how it works?


Edit: Never mind, another post has explained how it works.

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I have a long write up of that here: 




The short version is that Shadow Field summons a pseudo pet with two powers. The first power instantly Holds all enemies. The second power applies an autohit -ToHit and a small to chance to Hold every pulse. You can read the longer post for some discussion of the oddities of the power (e.g. that it is technically the same scale Hold as other AoE Holds but uses the Ones table, so it doesn't increase in power as you level up).

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Thanks, I saw your post shortly after posting this thread, actually. I like AOE holds to be reliable like the other sets', but this one seems to be a mix of holds and -to hit, making it reliable only for the first 8 seconds, compared to the 12 in the others.

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