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Add Emps to Trandences and back to Luna’s menu?

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Hello, would it be possible to expand Luna (in Oro) to include converting Emp merits into Trandences and back to Emps?

Currently you can convert a bunch of things incarnate wise except that above.

To do that you have to leave Oro and go to one of the merit terminals to convert 50 to 1 or vici versa.

Most of the incarnate stuff new lvl 50’s probably do first is mainly started in Oro (BAF’s et cetera) and certainly the unlock Alpha arc always ends by talking to Mender in Oro.

I mostly have a Trandencense in email ready for the newly alpha slot unlocked alt to claim and to use it to equip Alpha to T3, which is done as soon as the arc is completed.

It would be really useful to have the means to convert it back into emp merits right there at Luna.


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