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    anything Plant based!
  2. Hi, can an alt that already has unlocked the Patrons rerun say Scorpion via flashback, and if teamed with an alt that has not, will the badge drop for the other alt? Basically want to use my lvl 50 tricked out alt to help by alts on second account get their patron unlocked. Thanks
  3. Hello, would it be possible to expand Luna (in Oro) to include converting Emp merits into Trandences and back to Emps? Currently you can convert a bunch of things incarnate wise except that above. To do that you have to leave Oro and go to one of the merit terminals to convert 50 to 1 or vici versa. Most of the incarnate stuff new lvl 50’s probably do first is mainly started in Oro (BAF’s et cetera) and certainly the unlock Alpha arc always ends by talking to Mender in Oro. I mostly have a Trandencense in email ready for the newly alpha slot unlocked alt to claim and to use
  4. Yes exactly same method. Updated beta section and could immediately log in to live. No idea why it worked.
  5. Jacktar

    AOE scrapper?

    Hello everybody, firstly I want to give you all my proper thanks for your responses. Knowlegeable, informed and spot on what I was hoping for. Thank you all. I have a draft plan, not so cunning, but enough for me to be kept busy in the coming weeks. So first phase will be to roll a new Claws/Energy Aura and get a feel how different that helps my Claws. Followed swiftly by, and a complete change for me, to an Ice/Fire/Fire scrappie. (you beguiled me into it Sarge 😀) Will let you know how they develop as I level them up. See you all out there, thanks again 👍👏👏
  6. Hi, from the older(more traditional?) sets I have an SR/Claws tank and my main is a Claws/SR Scrappie. The tank is really good fun and I get a few comments of surprise about using those sets so that is nice. The scrappie is just a buzzsaw dashing about like the puppies full of energy drink. Not very flashy or bang wallop but for the bosses and big bad guys always standing at the end.
  7. Jacktar

    AOE scrapper?

    Hi guys, well I truly love both my main alt Scrappers (live and HC) both being Claws/SR, both of whom had/have all the available badges and many many hours played totals. But...lately, everything I get involved with when teamed up seems to be run at x/8 and I feel I spend most of my time running round like a headless chicken arresting single target runners and stuff. I just don’t feel I am contributing as much as I feel I should be especially on kill all ITF’s and suchlike 😢 So I want to try a much more AOE damage scrapper but don’t have any experience of them. Am not after
  8. Hello UberGuy, absolutely smashed it. 100% correctly diagnosed. Edited the file and problem it go away. 👍👏😀 Now given the expertise you so obviously have, please just have a chuckle if the following is a complete bucket of nonsense.... When I originally installed the game after it returned I put it in a different folder structure to the one above (used CoH\.....) and was using the old NcSoft launcher. So when the new HC launcher came along and I installed it as per their guidance, I seem to remember that the install also downloaded and installed a fresh vers
  9. Hi UberGuy, many thanks for this info, will get to it laters tonight and report back. Cheers
  10. Hi, since patch, just joined an Adamaster team in echo DA and as soon as he dropped I opened my O portal. A few guys jumped through and I helped another member arrest one of the lowbie foes that jump up on the platform. Took about 5 seconds. Went to use portal and it despawned. We both went WTF? He opened his and we left. I dropped into Atlas and waited till my portal came off CD and opened it again. Did not use it and neither did any other player. I have timestamp chat option enabled so used that to check timings. Three minutes from opening it despawned. Wai
  11. Hello, I have to use a number of different machines with different screen sizes and resolutions. So I have the same screen layout saved on each machine and use the same keybind on every alt. Have used that same keybind on live and on HC for every alt blue gold and red sides. Bind is /bind H “option_load$$wdw_load” Works great and in chat box I get the following: (in green text) Options loaded from file c:/Games/Homecoming/settings/live/options.txt Windows file loaded: c/games/Homecoming/settings/live/wdw.txt Since the latest pat
  12. Hi, best I can offer is to go and recolour it. I used bright and then selected the darkest colours from top line and it is now virtually invisible. And yes, a min fx option would be best and in line with other powers already ingame.
  13. Hi, great post and having made at least two threads/posts of a similiar plea for changes to Group Fly I 100% endorse your suggestions. Just seems that they always fall on deaf ears and the worst power in the game stays just that. I assume the dev’s never use the thing so have no interest in it. Seems such a shame when even such small changes as setting the defaults would transform it. Ah well, maybe one day........
  14. Hi, the new LRTP system actively rewards and incentivies all alts to go make the effort to get at least one explore badge in every zone to maximise its usage and effectivness. By doing that, you can in theory and in practise end up with an incomplete entry for every zone in the “Nearest to Completion” section of the badge tab. Now at present that great long list of entries is pretty useless for a lot of players old and new because many say “Obtain accolade by earning following Exploration Badges: 8 badge names listed in a seemingly random order” So to identify what zone they are
  15. Hi, wow, just wow, I am going to be all over your info like a flash. I also dual box so can get all the assets up and levelled and paired up real soon. So excited about this new venture can’t thank you enough 👍🥳😀 Will also roll an arch/ta because that will be a new combo for me as well and sounds great for when I just have a short play time or am on my “can only run one instance at a time “ machine 😢 Thanks to you both, so much appreciated 👏👏
  16. Hi, popup menus like the ones in the Salvage and Map gui’s give us a choice of what/how to display options. I always want my Salvage option to be displayed as Rarety and name descending. Especially for my Incarnate salvage! That way when I get my end of mish/TF reward selection table, which coincidentally are also mostly offered by rarety and name descending order, I can open the Salvage gui and see exactly what I am missing or have least of, so can make a much more informed and quicker reward choice. However at present I set that option as soon as I log in and yes it stays that
  17. Hi, not sure if in right topic section so apologies in advance.. Have been considering having a Lockdown Treat and been eyeballing a Samsung 34” 4k QLD widescreen curved monitor. This is a dedicated moniter and not a television. (3440 x 1440) Never had a large screen and no experience of a curved one either. Has anybody had/got or used one for gaming and how was it? And, most importantly, will the game run full screen on one at max resolution and be immersive. Just looking for any experiences/thoughts/opinions et cetera both subjective and objective.. Thanks
  18. Agreed she is a pain so.... just bypass her and go clear the path right to the glowie then go back and free her and gently lead her to it. No aggro nonsense from her at all. 👍
  19. This, so much this! Every time I roll a new alt and go to Gull to set my options I cuss a little at the no return to main menu option. Rant off 😇
  20. Hi guys, just found out about hover farming yesterday and then did a search on forum and found a couple of builds but they were in mids script so had to leave them till I could get on my mids PC. Now I can’t find them ☹️ All I know is they mentioned Water/Rad but no AT. So if anybody can link me or indeed suggest a better combo and AT I would be really grateful. I just tried a Hover Farm map with my general purpose Fire/Fire Blaster and it was okay enough to wet my appetite for a proper build. Thanks for help/advise 👍
  21. Aged has no meaning, unless you are Cheese or Claret!
  22. Hi, to change the topic but stay with the OP’s thread title I would like to mention the changes to travel powers on beta that seem to have radically changed our favourite Mm power pick “Group Fly”! I say seem, because the beta changes are all about travel speeds, but having rolled a new alt Mm and levelled up enough to get 6 pets and the requisite other fly pool powers to take GP and then played a few hours with it, GP really seems to work much different to live? Now I can toggle on GP and travel from one corner of IP and PI to the opposite corner of zone non-stop and have all my pet
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