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Outlined Cursors

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Like many players I often have trouble keeping track of my cursor in the middle of so many particle effects and so on. This was an issue for me even back in the early days. When I finally started looking into solutions for this via texture mods, I was frustrated to find that most of the solutions both abandoned the original aesthetic entirely and often made the cursors so large as to be annoying to me personally.

In the end I made my own, pictured and attached below in a zip archive starting at the data folder. This has also been uploaded to the CoH Modder respository. I found applying a white and black outline to each of the cursors to increase visibility without detracting from the base aesthetics and iv been using this set for many months now and think its time to share.

I also created variants of the idle cursor that make the core of the cursor gray or black, if there's desire for these ill get them packaged up as well.


Edit: added to CoH Modder repository so you can download and install it from there.


Outlined Cursors Standard.zip

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