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LGTF Hamidon not killing Mitos


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So, normal Hive/Abyss Hamidon has a power called Cell Death, which fires on death, and uses a pseudopet to fire a secondary power, which then kills every DevouringEarth_Mitochondria_BlasterDevouringEarth_Mitochondria_Controller, and DevouringEarth_Mitochondria_Healer, which is all the mitos.


LGTF Hamidon, on the other hand, fires a different power on death, which summons the same pseudopet as above, and does the same mechanics to kill the mitos. There's other effects in there (they spawn different versions of the Buds, which are internally called Cytoplasms), but the mito-killing is handled identically. Which means it doesn't work, because LGTF Hamidon has DevouringEarth_Mitochondria_Blaster_MissionDevouringEarth_Mitochondria_Controller_Mission, and DevouringEarth_Mitochondria_Healer_Mission instead. Those aren't what's killed by the chain of powers above, so the mitos stay up when Hami dies, which they shouldn't be doing.


It's definitely possible (but quite difficult) to kill the weakened Hami without bothering with the mitos. I've been on TFs that did it before, back when regular Hami was still being done that way by 100+ people, but we realized the mitos need manual killing anyway, so stopped bothering. But now that I can look at the powers in CoD, this is clearly not intended, so it should probably be fixed to kill both types of mitos, normal and mission.

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