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  1. Bug Report: The Entity Search knows that 'Super Stunner' exists, but their internal name is apparently something like 'freakshow_supr_st|_|n3r', and the link produced by clicking the result in the search is https://cod.uberguy.net/html/entity.html?entity=freakshow_supr_st%7C_%7Cn3r, which doesn't load.
  2. Adding some more detail, once you look into things, you find that SR tankers/brutes effectively don't have a taunt aura. Depending on behaviour. Every taunt aura other than Evasion, does two things taunt-wise. One is that it fires off the Gauntlet/Fury proc on all enemies in the aura. The second is that it taunts those enemies directly. Evasion is missing the latter part. But Gauntlet/Fury doesn't stack with itself. So, e.g., if an SD/SS tanker jumps into a group of mobs and fires off Foot Stomp, those mobs all get the Mag 4/14.96s Gauntlet taunt. A moment later, Agains
  3. I will admit that I haven't actually tested this out in-game, since I don't have a KM brute. But City of Data shows that the Brute version of Kinetic Melee's taunt power has the taunt aspect set up to stack with itself, which would let a KM brute stack up way more taunt on an enemy than they should be able to. I have no idea how you'd ever actually abuse this, so it's almost certainly a really minor thing, but I still figured I'd toss a report out there about it. As a related note: Brute KM, TW, Rad Melee, and Savage Melee are the only four Brute attack sets whose taunt
  4. So, normal Hive/Abyss Hamidon has a power called Cell Death, which fires on death, and uses a pseudopet to fire a secondary power, which then kills every DevouringEarth_Mitochondria_Blaster, DevouringEarth_Mitochondria_Controller, and DevouringEarth_Mitochondria_Healer, which is all the mitos. LGTF Hamidon, on the other hand, fires a different power on death, which summons the same pseudopet as above, and does the same mechanics to kill the mitos. There's other effects in there (they spawn different versions of the Buds, which are internally called Cytoplasms), but the mito-killing
  5. (Edit: And I'm not bothering with a fresh photo for 1549. Don't really think it's needed, what with how easy the new one is. 😄)
  6. Can I ask about the Rest change noted in the RC2 thread (the no-other-powers-while-resting one)? Why is that being done? Is there some cheese or exploit that Only Affecting Self wasn't enough to prevent? My issue is that it seems like that change will make toggle-heavy characters have an even worse time of things if they die and have to use a rez that doesn't full-heal. Currently, if I have to use a small rez insp, I can just pop Rest as soon as the stun wears off, and re-toggle everything else while resting. This change seems like it's going to make rez-and-re-toggle time go way u
  7. Found a minor issue. In the help page for the Attributes page, the Max and StrMax explanations are both doubled. Max is twice in a row, StrMax is on either side of StrMin.
  8. Yeah, there may once have been a general rule, but there definitely isn't one now. Providing some data points to help clarify things: Cold Domination's shields have the whole power un-boostable, despite being mostly defense, and only a little bit of resistance. Force Field's shields, on the other hand, have the components separated. Moving away from Defender, an Ice/ Tanker's Wet Ice power has the parts tagged separately, even though it's almost entirely a resist power, as do an SR/ Tanker's auto powers. But a Shield Tanker's Deflection power, despite being mostly a
  9. So, I've been looking at things, and hopefully someone in here can clarify stuff. I'm looking at the six separate powers strung together to make Domination work for Dominators, and they all make sense. One builds domination at a rate of three points per attack you make. Another decays it at a rate of one point per 7.5s. A third appears to be syncing it to the visible brown meter in the UI. I think. The fourth enables the click power when you're at 90/100 or higher (or 91/100?). And the fifth is the click power itself, which gives all the bonuses, including locking the meter to 100/100, which I
  10. Yet further updates: It's not even to do with using the keyboard shortcuts, it's just keyboard activity that breaks the open menu. Specifically, if I let go of a key while the menu's up (say, to stop running), even clicking won't work. Ctrl, Shift, and even Tab are fine, but Alt isn't, and any letter key isn't. Actually, it looks like maybe it's even more specific than that. Any of WASD break it on release. Which... those are the keys with ++forward or similar bound, so I think it's down to any key with an on-release bind breaking the menu when it gets release. But even keys t
  11. And, looking around, this bug report here appears to be a duplicate of this. I've now updated the title to better reflect what I've found.
  12. This keeps happening, but I have more info: As Hardship said, clicking the buttons works. So, if I click someone's global, then click "Get local name", it works. If I hit the 'G' shortcut, it doesn't. It looks like it's basically every single command that comes up when clicking someone's name in chat, and it's just not filling in their name. Global and Local names work the same. So if I click someone's name, then hit 'M' for "Send <person> Message", it fills my chat box with "/t , " or "/t @, ", blanking out their name. And yeah, it's everything. Add friend, Edit Note,
  13. Updating this, it's doing it again. Running the command manually didn't do anything this time, the in-chat link is still busted. Might have restarted when I switched alts, though I can't be sure.
  14. I went to check which character someone was on, that I was chatting with in a global channel. I clicked their name, hit "Get Local Name", and got back: This persisted for every attempt I did, including for other people. I then manually ran /getlocalname THEIRGLOBALNAME, and it worked. And now, the click option's working, too. Not sure what caused it to break like that, but figured it's worth putting in the bug report, in case it happens to other people.
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