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  1. There's a tree floating above the ground in Cim, coordinates -810.8 343.7 4817.9 It should probably count as a graphical bug for that thread, except that it's possible to somehow get inside the tree, and get stuck. I ended up inside it yesterday randomly.
  2. FYI, the Toy Bat appears to be able to deal actual damage to folks like Positron and Citadel, even though they're allies. I'm sure they're somehow tagged as invincible in some way, but seeing real damage numbers over their heads makes me worry that they might actually be killable, with some effort, which would be one hell of a way to grief folks.
  3. The patch notes say "If you wish to discuss the name change, please use this thread.". If that was meant to be a link to a specific thread, you didn't get the link in place. Minor thing I noticed going through the patch notes: the big note about the Elec Affinity changes says that "we've removed the heal on Static consumption", but then Defibrilate and Amp Up both say "and each stack consumed in this way will restore a small amount of your health and endurance.", so I think those powers' descriptions need updating. Might just be in these patch notes, though, as I haven't been on the beta server to check the actual powers. Oh, and as one last critique of the patch notes themselves: The changes to Dark Consumption now only refer to it as Dark Equilibrium. It's not a big deal, but probably something in there should actually say that it's a rename of Dark Consumption. Even having read the previous patch notes, I had to take a moment to make sure I knew which power was being renamed.
  4. Also, Thorn Robber (and presumably Thorn Thief and Thorn Usurper) are out of place. I only have Robber, but it's at the very top of my listing. Sadly, I don't have any of the Patron badges, nor Recluse's Betrayer, so I don't know where exactly it belongs, but it's at least before Ex-Marshal.
  5. I've found one badge that's still listed out of order. You have Bailout Hero after Dignified Combatant in the Achievement badges, but my in-game listing has it right after Incarnate Rival, before Drone Protector.
  6. Yeah, what happened as you did the following was: Unbind doesn't reset a key to default, it makes it do nothing, so this made sure F5 wasn't working. The save button there saves out a file on your computer which is a new set of defaults. That file would have had F5 not set to anything, from the previous step. Resetting and reloading keybinds would have left you still in the same place. Keybinds for a given character are actually stored server-side once they're set, so changing client wouldn't have helped. New characters load in with the defaults, but you'd changed the defaults when you saved the file out earlier, so the new character didn't have F5 set to anything. Once you've run /bind F5 attachcycle or anything equivalent, and reset F5, you should go into the menu and save out the keybind file again, so new characters are working from now on.
  7. I just checked through the Explore list, ticking off all the ones I have, and found two mistakes that I'm pretty sure is one mistake. There are two Dark Mystic badge listings, and there's no listing for Seeker of the Unknown. Probably you've just mis-named Seeker as Dark Mystic. Adding another: The 500-badge Achievement Badge is listed as Pathfinder, which is the (also correctly-named) 100-badge Achievement Badge. 500 should be Seeker for heroes.
  8. In the base game prior to shutdown, your last power was gained at level 49, so you only had the three slots from level 50 that could be added to that power. And respecs made sure you were placing slots in a way that was legal while leveling. You probably have some of your level 50 slots in earlier powers already, just hit Slots and Enhancements - Slots - Auto Arrange all Slots, and it will make sure all slots are placed to try to fix this problem. Also, under the View menu, there's an option to Show Slot Placement Levels, which I think is off by default, but will help you see where the slots are out of place. But of course, respecs no longer force you to apply slots in an order that would be possible while leveling, so now that last power can be six-slotted. Unfortunately, Mids' Reborn hasn't yet changed that part of the code, so won't let you plan a build that has more than four slots in the last power.
  9. Obvious reason: If your insp tray is nearly full, and there isn't room for three insps, it won't give you more than you have room for. Less obvious reason: If you've turned off insp drops of a given type in the P2W thing, any drops of that type from Inner Inspiration will be auto-rejected, same as normal insp drops. The P2W reject thing is actually reducing the total number of insps you get, since it's rejecting that type, not re-rolling them.
  10. Minor bug in (DB 19.0921): Mastermind Mace Mastery isn't requiring one of the first two powers before you can choose the third/fourth.
  11. Tanker effective damage is being reduced in some circumstances, though, because Bruising boosted everyone's damage, not just your own.
  12. Can you give any more explanation why there's no willingness to look into fixing/un-nerfing bruising? Removing it because it sucks feels like entirely the wrong approach, when it only sucks because it got broken somewhere along the line. Was the nerf actually intentional in the first place? Bruising on the live servers was actually pretty awesome, and when I found out how badly it had been nerfed on Homecoming, I was actually really looking forward to hopefully being able to get it un-nerfed, not see it removed. If someone wants a tank that personally does a lot of damage, well, as you yourself said earlier in this thread, there are other tank classes. You've even acknowledged that they're slower at defeating mobs, by giving them the extra endurance. So, I don't see the harm in embracing the idea that Tankers should simply be the furthest to one end of the damage vs. survivability spectrum, when it comes to melee characters. Let them focus on other forms of mitigation/support, through things like the increased AoE, and a correctly-working Bruising power.
  13. So, I'd posted the below separately, but it looks like all the discussion's entirely in this thread, and nobody's really looking at the rest of the Beta forum, so I've deleted that, and copied this in verbatim: TL;DR: Bruising got nerfed pretty damn hard somewhere between shutdown and current Homecoming. Probably a while ago, and probably by accident. Instead of replacing it because it sucks, the correct solution may actually be to un-nerf it. We all need to know what happened to be able to discuss what the right solution might be, so I made a big post with a ton of math, to help people get their head around things. So, I made a comment in the Tank Update Focused Feedback thread, but I think this deserves a separate discussion, because there's a lot of details to take in. Bruising (on Homecoming) sucks. A lot. It's supposed to be a 10s, -20% resistance debuff on all enemies that a Tanker hits with their T1 power. The idea should be that it boosts Tanker (and team) damage by 20%, but only in single-target situations; AoEs don't really get the benefit, since it can't be spread around to more than a couple of enemies. Thus, having a Tanker on a team over a Brute means the team is dealing more damage to big targets, which helps to offset the fact that the Tanker doesn't have as much direct damage as a Brute would. Unfortunately, the Purple Patch (the mechanic that makes you so much weaker against +4 enemies than +0) drops its effectiveness a lot; against most big targets that a team has trouble defeating, Bruising isn't really impacting the damage much. But only on Homecoming. See, on live all the way up to shutdown, Bruising was actually immune to the Purple Patch! Mechanically, Bruising was an effect where every Tanker T1 power gave the enemy a self-targeting auto power, and then that power debuffed the enemy. You can see this on the City of Data archives; Bruising was a power the game gave your enemies. Because the enemy was debuffing themselves under the hood, Bruising wasn't impacted by level difference at all. A level 1 Tanker who managed a hit with their T1 against a level 54 enemy, was still dropping their resistance by 20%. (Side note: Bruising also couldn't stack from multiple Tankers, but that wasn't usually a huge deal; Tankers are about 1/14 of all characters, so teams with more than one Tanker aren't really super-common outside Tanker Tuesdays. And leagues' damage balances out so differently that a lot of this post doesn't really apply to them.) On the Score/Homecoming servers, somewhere along the line, that behaviour got changed. I checked last night, and it's now just an actual -20% resistance debuff in the power, instead of the power-grant thing. The Purple Patch now applies as a result, since the debuff is now coming from the player, rather than from the enemy itself. One of the devs who seems to have been behind the tank balance changes in this beta has posted in that feedback thread about what Bruising accomplished, that it never translated to a significant damage boost, that it's basically not even worth applying a lot of the time, etc. And a lot of players are agreeing, but also a lot are disagreeing and saying they want Bruising back. And I think part of the disconnect is coming from whether people know the mechanics/remember the feel of the old Bruising, or the new version. The Math I feel like this kind of statement needs to be backed up with numbers and math, so let's ugly this post up with some numbers. Imagine a team of eight people, one of whom is a Tanker not currently using their T1 power, and imagine that this team currently deals 1000 DPS when focusing on single-target attacks against an AV, just for the sake of a nice round number. We'll see how things look without Bruising, how they look if the Tanker applies Old Bruising, and how they look if the Tanker applies Homecoming Bruising. I'll also ignore the Tanker losing any damage from changing their rotation, because that's a pretty minor problem, typically, because Tanker damage isn't very high. For a +0 AV: Without Bruising, they deal 1000 DPS. That's an average of 125 DPS per player. With old Bruising, the AV takes a -20% resistance debuff, so they deal 1200 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of 1.6 other players. With Homecoming Bruising, the AV takes a -20% resistance debuff, so they deal 1200 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of 1.6 other players. For a +2 AV: Without Bruising, they deal 800 DPS. That's an average of 100 DPS per player. With old Bruising, the AV takes a -20% resistance debuff, so they deal 960 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of 1.6 other players. With Homecoming Bruising, the AV takes a -16% resistance debuff, so they deal 928 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of 1.28 other players. For a +4 AV: Without Bruising, they deal 480 DPS. That's an average of 60 DPS per player. With old Bruising, the AV takes a -20% resistance debuff, so they deal 576 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of 1.6 other players. With Homecoming Bruising, the AV takes a -9.6% resistance debuff, so they deal 526.08 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of ~0.77 other players. That's over half the effectiveness of Bruising being lost to this nerf if a team's fighting +4 enemies. And it may even be worse. A lower-level Tanker running, say, a +4 ITF, is facing +5 enemies because they're only level 49. That means Homecoming Bruising is down to a -6% resistance debuff. Now, that doesn't seem too bad, since it's still adding a fair bit in the +4 case (almost a person's worth of added DPS for just one attack now and then), but teams rarely have no other resistance debuffs. So, let's assume a Thermal/ Defender with Melt Armor and a /Time Controller with Slowed Response (delayed version). Those add up to -57% resistance, and the number become the following: For a +0 AV: Without Bruising, the debuff sits at -57%, and they deal 1570 DPS. That's an average of 196.25 DPS per player. With old Bruising, the AV takes another -20% resistance debuff, so they deal 1770 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of ~1 other player. With Homecoming Bruising, the AV takes another -20% resistance debuff, so they deal 1770 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of ~1 other player. For a +2 AV: Without Bruising, the debuff sits at -45.6%, and they deal 1164 DPS. That's an average of 145.6 DPS per player. With old Bruising, the AV takes another -20% resistance debuff, so they deal 1324.8 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of ~1.1 other players. With Homecoming Bruising, the AV takes another -16% resistance debuff, so they deal 1292 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of ~.88 other players. For a +4 AV: Without Bruising, the debuff sits at -27.36%, and they deal 611.3 DPS. That's an average of 76 DPS per player. With old Bruising, the AV takes another -20% resistance debuff, so they deal 707.3 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of 1.25 other players. With Homecoming Bruising, the AV takes another -9.6% resistance debuff, so they deal 657.4 DPS. Bruising's added damage is the equivalent of 0.6 other players. The Math, but as a spreadsheet Here's a link to a read-only Google Docs spreadsheet which has the math all plotted out. Just make your own copy (File - Make a Copy), and change around the two numbers in the top-left, and see how the numbers look. Note that the Team Resist Debuff bit is a positive decimal, just because I did it that way when I made the sheet; a -57% debuff is a value of 0.57 in that cell. I carried on with rows for level-difference values up to +10, just because I could, but obviously anything more than about the +5 mark is pretty unlikely to actually matter. Still, after changing that Team Resist Debuff, you should be able to see how the Homecoming Bruising nerf is still pretty big a higher level differences, even for teams that have a lot of -resist. But what about enemy resistance? The math involved is a pain to explain properly, especially since the wiki does a better job than I will, but the end result is that it doesn't actually change any of the above math, because of how resistance buffs and debuffs interact. If the team was dealing 2K DPS to an enemy with 50% res(all), and you re-ran the math, you'd get exactly the same numbers as above. So what does this mean? Pretty much exactly the tl;dr up above. Bruising got nerfed HARD for fights against single enemies that're higher-level. In my opinion, that means this nerf should be un-done rather than the Tanker damage changes currently on Beta. Bruising meant that Tankers were typically better than Brutes for taking down big single targets, like an AV with no adds. Especially since those are also the fights where a Brute couldn't keep Fury as high. Brutes, meanwhile, were better on a team fighting lots of enemies that could keep Fury up, and where their stronger AoE attacks could be useful. Brutes also were better on lower-damage teams, exactly like you'd think, since those teams wouldn't be getting as much from Bruising. By ripping out Bruising and bumping up Tankers' damage scales, all those differences go away, and the two main tanking classes get a lot more same-y, in ways I think make the game worse, not better. But more importantly, I think we need to all actually know about this nerf, and consider what it really means, in discussions of whether Bruising is good or not. That's why I made this a separate post instead of another comment in the Focused Feedback thread; I think Tanker players all need to know about this change, and about how it used to work, if the conversation about the beta changes is going to be well-informed and productive. tl;drl;tl;dr: Un-nerf Bruising!
  14. Context: I main a blaster, but play a little of everything, and enjoyed tanking both on live and on Homecoming, and have a 50 Shield/SS Tanker who existed on both. I come at Tanking from a viewpoint similar to Dechs Kaison's old bit: the tank's job is first and foremost to keep everyone else alive, and they should be played more akin to an aggro-based Controller or a support character, than a melee DPS character. I haven't been able to test, because I only just noticed the update patch notes as I was about to go to bed, but I saw something that didn't make sense regarding Bruising, investigated, and now am left with the below post about half an hour later. Apologies if this is a ramble, I re-wrote it a lot when I realized my first assumptions were wrong, and it's late here. Please stop and take another look at what Bruising actually does, and re-evaluate it, because I think this is a big nerf to Tankers in a team. You said elsewhere that "Against a +3 foe, bruise just applies a -13% res, -9.6% against a +4.", but that's completely inaccurate, unless something major changed somewhere versus live that I missed. The design of Bruising, mechanically, is that it gives the enemy an auto power which self-debuffs. That means that it can't stack from multiple Tankers, but it also means that Bruising is immune to level scaling. If a level 1 Tanker attacks a 54 AV and lands that minimum-5%-chance hit, they're still hitting the AV with a full -20% resistance. The above is definitely accurate with how Bruising used to work. The Internet Archive copy of City of Data shows this (The "Grant Power: Bruising" bit). The net effect was that having at least one Tanker was actually pretty useful on higher-level content, since even a +4 AV was still getting its resistances debuffed down by that power just as much as any +0 minion. And because un-debuffed resistance is resistance-debuff-resistance, that AV actually will take 20% more damage (assuming no other resistance debuffs, which is probably wrong, but those other debuffs are getting purple-patched, so it's not far off). Bruising (at least back on live) was always more powerful than it looked, specifically because of the purple-patch bypass. And if you thought purple patch affects it, I really do think you need to step back and re-run the numbers. Plus it meant that in group content, Tankers didn't do damage by having good damage. They did good damage by supporting the team, which is what a Tanker's there for. A tanker should be doing more than getting aggro and trying to survive it, because their goal is just keeping the team alive, by whatever means. So maybe the real change we need here is to revert Bruising back to being power-grant-based and purple-patch-immune, rather than scale up Tanker damage? ...But I just signed into Homecoming to check, and now it's just a generic -resistance, not the power-grant thing. I'm fairly confident that the change to how Bruising works is a Homecoming thing, since City of Data was updated to be current to I24 beta before it shut down. I can't 100% confirm it's a Homecoming change without going onto Rebirth or wherever and testing it, but I remember that that was a major part of the design intent. By being that power-grant thing, it still helped a lot on single big tough targets, where a Tanker's lack of damage wasn't a big deal, their better aggro/survival wasn't much of an advantage over a Brute, etc. Now I'm kinda feeling like my Tanker hasn't actually been as useful as I thought he was, since I hadn't noticed the change before. There is a part that I really do like, though: the radius boosting. My Tanker's major thing is knockdown; between Hand Clap, Foot Stomp, Shield Charge, and Mighty Judgement (knockup, but that's close enough), even enemies I don't have aggro from are probably not attacking my team. The aspects of tanking other than aggro-and-survival get overlooked too much, IMO, and helping Tankers to better spread around secondary effects is a good direction to be taking. I see too many tanks (Brute or Tanker both) who will stand around 'tanking' while the team's dying, and think they're doing a good job because their health is fine, so I definitely agree with things that encourage a Tanker to look at those secondary effects, and see them as opportunities for damage mitigation for the whole team. The aggro improvements (more Gauntlet, 10% scale bump, etc.), I'm mostly ambivalent about. Tankers get aggro pretty easy, and hold it pretty easy. Actually, I kinda worry this is going to maybe make it a bit harder to control what aggro you get. Because the game has a cap on total aggro, you need to make sure the enemies that ignore you are mostly the weaker ones. This isn't a huge deal, since most enemy spawns quickly drop under the limit once a nuke or two has killed the minions, but still maybe an issue? I sadly don't have time to sign in and test tonight, so I'm just speculating here, unfortunately. Same deal with the endurance bump; it's neat, but not a major impact.
  15. I don't know for sure, but since shift+numbers are the default key bindings for selecting teammates, you may be running into the same bug already reported here, which sadly doesn't have any kind of official answer yet.
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