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KoV Lore preventing Teleport


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The Knives of Vengeance buffing lore pet has a power called Rallying Cry that gives a number of buffs including status protection. This also includes Teleport Protection and Teleport Resistance. Other similar buffs like Increase Density and orange inspirations just give Teleport Resistance so that the buffed player or pet can prevent being teleported by an enemy. However the Teleport Protection in Rallying Cry prevents self teleportation.


I discovered this when lore pets were used at the last hami raid on Everlasting, only to find myself unable to teleport back to the monsters for the second round. I was able to use Teleport, but my character wouldn't move.


If Rallying Cry is supposed to be a buff, and an AoE one at that, I suggest that it is a bug for it to include Teleport Protection.

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