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Chrono-Master's arrival


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((I'm trying out that whole thing of forum-posting your characters' stories and anecdotes that I've seen people like Coyotekid's Stone Dragon, Colette Valiant's Ascendette, and the original Ascendant (may his player RIP, from what I've heard) on the live-servers' forums doing. This is an 'inspired by' character, I'll see if you can figure out who/what by after reading this chapter. On a side note, does anyone else think the double-parentheses to denote OOC chatter in an RP context is just a little too close to the triple-parentheses antisemites use as a dogwhistle to identify and call out Jews and people they think are Jews? Just a random thought.))


"Finally! Ginger!" The strange man cried out as he suddenly and spontaneously appeared in Atlas Park, eyes rolled slightly up to look at the hair hanging in his face. He raised his hand to his chin. "And a beard! Interesting."


"Still got both legs... Arms, check..." He seemed to be doing a semi-out-loud tally of his body parts. "Looks like we're all good. Now then, where have we landed this time?"


The newcomer glanced around, looking for someone or something. "Wait... Where is...?" Worry rose in his voice as he continued. "Oh no... No no no... SHE'S GONE!" He collected himself as best he could. "Well... Looks like we're stuck here for now, then. Now, exactly where is 'here'?"


((Sorry it's short this time, after that (plus a random stranger using Mystic Fortune on me, which wasn't planned for but was loosely worked in to some small degree), I pretty much slipped quietly ooc, headed to the P2W vendor to pick up whatever free stuff I felt went with him, registered a supergroup in order to have housing, and built it, and by the time all that was done I noticed the sun was coming up, it was already 6:30 in the morning.))


((Character specifics are Mercs (for reasons that might be obvious if you know who he's inspired by, it had to be Thugs, Mercs, or Ninjas. I actually don't remember if he was Mercs or Thugs but I'm pretty sure it was Mercs)/Time MM, Blueside obvi since he appeared in Atlas, Science origin, and not much more to tell. Costume will be posted in a screenshot in the next chapter or as a comment to this before I rp/write/post next chapter, because I forgot to grab one last night. Suffice to say, it's pretty eccentric but I think it's cool personally.))

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