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Expand Null The Gull Functionality

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Hi this is a simple Quality of Life suggestion.


The proposed expansions, do not have to be done in one sitting, they can be gradually added.


Also it would be awesome, if teams or leagues could have a leader talk to Null the Gull, and be sent to the various environment zones, like some kind of Null based LFG.


There are accolades and badges that requires special environmental situations that are not always available year around, such as the Elusive Mind accolade which requires a Rikti Invasion to be underway, or the badges from knocking doors while wearing a costume to get the tip to do a mission, etc.


It would be nice, if one could visit the ole seagull, and have him transport you to a Null the Gull zone that provides the special environment; for example it sends you to a Halloween town, with active doors and contacts to do the Halloween tip missions. Or it sends you to a zone constantly under Rikti Attack.


As I said, only a suggestion from a badge collector



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