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Tentative art commission thread


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I don't know if this is going to pan out and frankly I'm terrified so please bear with me and I apologize if this thread isn't supposed to be here and will not be offended if it's moved or removed


hello I'm flashtoo and i make art and if you pay me i'll make art for you in particular


I'm not fast and I'm easily overwhelmed so I'm only going to take a maximum of three people at a time


$150 for character portraits with simple backgrounds like this or this or this


I take money through paypal after I'm finished and will consult you on pretty much every step to make sure I give you what you actually want and you don't end up with a portrait that you don't feel represents your character


Light to moderate gore OK

Sexy pinups OK

Visible genitalia or fluids (except blood) Not OK



Character portrait artist for hire, PM for details!

Commissions: Closed, Sorry

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