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  1. I've seen a few grand pianos made of alphabet letters, but here's my upright: three mission-style counters overlapped with each other, some short wall pieces to cover the flickering, a few stair rail posts, and a keyboard made presumably the same way as the grands I've seen out of modern picture frames and knife handles.
  2. Oh, I like the colored labels indicating hazard zones, that's neat.
  3. Gosh, he sure does look a lot like my own Punchline.
  4. Screencapped: This happens with both Labeaux 1 and Labeaux 2 for the Robotic Arm 1 and Robotic Arm 3 top categories.
  5. Wow, Plasmic, that must've been a bitch and a half to get the beacons to attach to the correct porters! I've posted this elsewhere as well but here's how I do it in the Dauntless Reverie base - color-coded by zone type (with blue zones taking up two teleporters, one of which is dedicated to zones like The Hollows and Croatoa that have their own dedicated stories):
  6. That is a costume worthy of that name. Well done.
  7. Yes. My Shield/Psi tank is a mutant, from a family of mutants with precognitive and flashy telekinetic abilities - and they use techniques rooted in magic (i.e. meditation, crystals, etc) to focus and direct those abilities. So, Mutant/Magic. My Fortunata is an escaped product of Arachnos experimentation trying to artificially build a better Widow, with more and stronger innate abilities, by hybridizing human and Soldiers of Rularuu stock. Soldiers of Rularuu, as the direct implements of a deity's will, are essentially angels, and thus my SCP Thing That Should Not Be is demi-divine. Science/Magic. My main (Grav controller or Time defender with the Fighting pool) is an immortal wizard who steals time through verbal trickery and teleports. In a fight, he does not blast you with spells - he swipes a few crucial moments off you and then punches you in the face with his normal, unenhanced human fist. Obviously magic for the most part... but with more of a Natural thing going on than I see in most arcane practitioners. My Earth/Time controller is a quantum physicist who manipulates tachyons to freeze enemies in time crystals, and needs some significant equipment in order to do it. However, the gear would be more or less useless in the hands of anybody who didn't know enough quantum physics to use it properly. Science/Tech. Anyone else has just a single origin or I haven't put much thought into.
  8. I've heard a lot of people shitting on Wormhole, but I love me some Wormhole.
  9. Nope. Diamagnetic is a yellow/gold pulse-wave effect.
  10. It's the laser tommy guns that hurt worst!
  11. oh look I drew him again the beamer is Dr. Novak, a friend's Praetorian former-loyalist - they've fallen in with each other and oh boy is it getting interesting 😄 (this picture depicts a moment in a Portal Corp mission with the difficulty bumped up where Rubato, an unbuilt level 34ish Corruptor was getting KO'd repeadedly by high-level Family, prompting Novak, the tricked-out level 50 blapper, to spew invectives and vaporize everything)
  12. It could be done with the technology available, the only problem would be the tedium of implementing it. Each emblem would have to have its own glowing variant made individually, then added to the tailor menus individually for every different costume type that allows emblems. I am told that editing the tailor menus is a bitch and a half, too, so I don't envy whoever would get THAT job for the number of emblems we have available. That said, it would be pretty damn cool.
  13. What the title says. It's often hard to actually see some of the power animations, especially the ones that use weapons, when the character model is shoved all the way to the right side of the screen. Can this be done?
  14. Hey, I just want to say thank you for this program 🙂
  15. I so dearly wish for an Orbital Judgment.
  16. After far too long, I'm back on the horse with a new muse: the Hour Thief's Praetorian, Tempo Rubato.
  17. It involves hex editing, unfortunately. In other words, not something you'd want to do often, but goddang those emblems were WAY too low rez...
  18. Re "overly flirtatious during missions:" If any of you ever happen to run into my Carnival of Light character, yes, I 100% concur, he should do some significant time in Horny Jail. He's supposed to be more or less the "standard slutty bard" character archetype, at least on the surface, so on my part, this is done consciously. Guy is completely devoid of shame and would wolf-whistle at Ghost Widow. I apologize in advance.
  19. You chose the Night Ward sky as the default sky through the base options menu, correct? As opposed to hand-placing skyboxes? It, along with a few other sky types, have additional atmospheric effects inherent in them - some fairly extreme. It is normal for the Night Ward sky to apply a bluish cast to the lighting in a base, to a varying extent depending on other factors. To troubleshoot your issue it'd be easiest if I could take a look at the base and see the problem for myself, but while I'm just in the forums I can ask questions: 1) Is your base built inside the plot (i.e. the traditional way) with the ceiling set to Open Sky where you have your helicopter bay, or on top of it, with whatever part you've been using for a roof elsewhere on the building left off? 2) Is your lighting type set to Indoor? The outdoor sky lighting options break the light-casting effect of any light-emitting objects you place, and don't play nice with the High/Medium/Low room lighting options inside the plot at all. If you are building inside the base plot, you should probably use Indoor lighting (this will not prevent you from using Open Sky ceilings). 3) Which sky are you using, exactly? While Night Ward's bluish cast may be possible to offset with your lighting choices, the Lighted Path, Shadowed Path, and Dense Fog skies all come with dramatic fog effects built into them that work by essentially altering your view distance, thus overriding other lighting effects. If you are building inside the base plot, one way to solve your lighting problem would be for you to use a different default sky (one from one of the city zones, that doesn't screw with lighting so much) and hand-place "sky" objects of your desired type in your helicopter bay, anywhere the open roof would be visible. It may take a little fiddling to get them positioned to cover the whole room. This would confine the bluish lighting to only that area. Or the super-lazy way would be to choose "Space" as your sky instead of "Night Ward" if you want a starry sky without the fiddling.
  20. There are ways to hack around that. It's been done. Source: Have done it.
  21. What those horns do with that helmet is AMAZING.
  22. Argent Provocateur: Needs to be rerolled as a tank or brute for taunting, but wears a very shiny costume Zoombie: Undead Savage brute, with the speed pool Geiger Countess: self explanatory! Back on Live (Virtue), I had Far-Out Man, an Ill/Poison controller.
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