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Costuming: capes

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I had a couple of suggestions for capes.


Suggestion #1: I originally came here to post about possibly having capes that adhere a little less closely to the character model. Long capes as they exist now end up clipping with some of the larger belt and/or boot/foot options, not to mention the obvious shoulder and helmet option clipping. Some of these are unavoidable, but a few of these could likely be corrected by having the cape/collar situated slightly farther away from the character, allowing a kind of cushion for those bulkier objects. I think this kind of adjustment (possibly titled "anti-clipping") could open a lot of extra costuming possibilities, which almost always leads to greater enjoyment within the community.


Suggestion #2: Brooches for high-collar capes. As soon as I mentioned in our Discord server that I was posting about capes, a couple of members of our Discord mentioned that they would greatly appreciate brooches being an option for the high-collar capes. They feel that it's a fairly obvious oversight and likely wouldn't result in a heavy coding investment to add this option for those that might make use of it.


Cheers COX community! Keep being amazing!

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