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The Spider's Web

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As a gift to a buddy, I made my first ever AE mission to fill that character's personal lore, but I have it listed publicly for anyone who wants to play it. The title of the arc is the title of this post: The Spider's Web


It centers around escaping from captivity after waking up in the laboratory of the mad scientist spider Doctor Arkinthale, who, despite appearances, is unaffiliated with Arachnos.


Lots of custom enemies, all with their own descriptions, alongside lots of mobs and such. It's a short arc, as it is my first one, but I'm rather proud of it.


There are certain implications about what could have happened to your character to get them to the starting point, but it is ultimately up to you how they were captured and what happened to them during their stay as Arkinthale's guest. And if you don't like those vibes, then it's all non-canon, no skin off my back.


When my buddies and I played it, we RP'd it as us busting him out, not as all of us as prisoners. There is room for creative interpretation of the story, is my point.


If you play it, I hope you enjoy!

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The story is simple and straight to the point. Skim the text and get the whole picture. After all, it's "beat up a mad scientist"! What else do we need? I also noticed that this AE has a souvenir. Not everyone cares or has enough time to write a souvenir. I applaud you for that. 

Custom enemies (bosses & AV) may pose challenges, but a few inspirations can minimize them. May I suggest setting the max level to 25-30? Make it as low as possible since the doctor has poisoned the main character. At most, set to 45 to strip those Incarnates from their power.

Thank you for writing this AE. I wish I could see more AE's like this.

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