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Escaping Council Archon can run through walls


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I acquired the "Shut Down Council Cell" from Lorenzo DiCosta (at 9th level) and was told not to let anyone escape. When I went to the second floor I saw him running toward me from behind a shut glass door which he opened on his own. I braced to try to keep him from running past me and I got him targeted but then he turned and ran through the wall and all of my attacks went dark for lack of LOS. I could see the target brackets move diagonally away from me and directly toward the elevator room. I ran back in time to see the doors open and got a short glimpse of him before I was kicked out of the failed mission.


Not a huge deal but disappointing.  I mean honestly, I don't think my defender could have stopped him anyway but I wasn't even given a chance despite the normal laws of physics say I should have.


He must have learned that trick from the employees at Portal Corp. They can move through walls too. 😄


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If I'm remembering it correctly, that's a mission that made it into my autocomplete list. Basically, Archon Whatsisname starts running the moment you exit the elevator on the top floor, and the map virtually always has one of the 'split and rejoin' blocks adjacent to the elevator, so if you don't guess right, he's past you and gone. Even if you sit back at the exit of the elevator landing, you have to stop him before he enters the room, or he'll trigger the elevator and be gone. Unless I'm playing a character with both a hold and an immobilize, I don't even try, and autocomplete it, since missing with a single CC pretty much guarantees that you will be unable to stop him fast enough.

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