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Instanced Mothership Raid Mapserve


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@Anyad led an instanced Rikti mothership raid on Torchbearer this evening, Friday, July 9th.  We entered the instance and started forming the league at 8:03 P.M. ET/5:03 P.M. PT.  The pylon phase began at 8:31 P.M. ET/5:31 P.M. PT.  Everything was going well.  IIRC, we had 45 people on the league.  During the bowl phase of the mothership raid, at 8:51 P.M. ET/5:51 P.M. PT, the entire mothership raid league was hit by a mapserve.  Everyone on the entire league lost connection to Torchbearer.  Those that were on the instanced Rikti mothership raid also seemed to have been rolled back a couple of minutes, with fewer Vanguard merits, XP, and INF than we had just prior to the mapserve.  As best as we can tell, everyone else on the shard that wasn't in the instanced Rikti mothership raid was fine. 


Anyad started forming another instanced Rikti mothership raid from inside the instance at 8:57 P.M. ET/5:57 P.M. PT.  Everything went mostly okie from there on in, however a few people could not enter the instance.  Anyad invited them, they would enter the instance... and then immediately be hit by a mapserve and kicked out.  I don't know exactly how many, Anyad would be able to tell you that.


I reported all of this real time in the #report-server-issues-here channel of the Homecoming Discord, but was instructed by GM Crumpet to file a bug report here.  Sorry for being a bit thorough with the times, but I hope it helps y'all track down the issue.

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