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Are dual and single origin enhancement drops from mobs random?


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  • MikeSol changed the title to Are dual and single origin enhancement drops from mobs random?

Not entirely random.


Different factions of critters will drop Enhancements of particular types. Crey will drop Tech, Circle of Thorns will drop Magic. You can get a good guide by the type of Enhancements that the contact who gave you the mission sells as they will tend to send you against factions that fit their theme.


But unfortunately what Enhancements critters drop is next to pointless. Might get a couple of drops that are Enhancements that you use, but even if you entirely stick to factions that are likely to drop the Origin of Enhancements that you can use you will outlevel anything that drops well before you could possibly fill a third of your slots.


Almost everything that drops off critters is trash loot, that is you are going to be best served by selling it and buying what you need from NPC vendors.


Regards, Screwloose.

“I am not young enough to know everything.”


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