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Differences between Rad/Rad and Savage/Bio


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Never having played these 4 powersets, I'm curious about the pros and cons, synergies, similarities and differences between how these would play. Particularly if I was triple-boxing and had Cold/Son & Son/Son Defenders backing up the brute, giving 45% def, 58% res to all (but psi), double Tactics and Assault, spamming Shriek.


My understanding is the Savage ST attack chain is very quick with Savage Strike-Maiming Slash-Vicious Slash. AoE would consist of Rending Fury on a short timer, Savage Leap on a longer one, and DNA Siphon on an even longer one.


Rad I'm less sure about. There is Radioactive Smash, Radiation Siphon, and Devastating Blow, which do more damage than the Savage ST attack chain, but take longer to cast and cost more endurance. For AoE, Rad has Radiation Therapy, Irradiated Ground, Atom Smasher, and Ground Zero.


Without really chasing defense or resistance bonuses, each has enough def and res to be mostly capped to everything (except psi). They both have solid regen around 500%, but I'm not sure how that really plays out with their powers. I've looked at some threads so I have some slotting ideas, but more for Savage/Bio than Rad/Rad. I'll attach what I have so far. If anyone can give me some ideas about how these might play out in the triple boxing situation with the defenders, I would appreciate it.




savage bio - Brute (Savage Melee).mxd rad rad - Brute (Radiation Melee).mxd

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