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Confusing behavior with surface snapping and ceiling trim.


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I've been getting into base building, and I've started to run into some curious behavior.  I'm not sure if I'm not understanding something properly, or if this is a bug, or just a janky quirk of the builder/asset manager.  This is my first post on the forum (as I'm starting to feel weird about posting in the help channel so often.)  Here goes.

I discovered that surface snapping with objects say... putting a medkit on a desk, would bury half the medkit in the desk with the default 1/4" x 1'4" grid.  I had to manually shift drag the object into alignment.  No big deal; I discovered turning off grid snapping fixed this issue altogether.  Moving on, I started to experiment with placing alphabet letters.  This is where things get confusing.  When placing letters on the ceiling trim, I kept getting inconsistent results.  On one side of a doorway, I got it to work fine if I turned off grid snapping and turned on surface mounting, otherwise it would replace the trim as if placing an item too close to the wall normally does.  Okay, I think I understand how to work with this...

I move to the opposite side of the doorway and repeat the same steps--only to find that the behavior is unreproducible.  Nothing I have tried has allowed me to reproduce this behavior.  Anybody have any thoughts on this issue?

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