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/face and heal: Cone heal bind files for Regrowth.


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Cone heals do not auto-face targets like cone attacks do.  I tend to struggle when trying to face and heal a pet when it is low health.  I also struggle with finding and facing team members.  I tried several single line /bind commands but I never could quite get them to work where it would  /face and then /heal.   No matter what I tried with just one command it would /heal and then /face, or it would double queue the /heal.    I did get it to work with 2 bind files.  Just plop the bind files in your "live" directory with all of your bind files and then type   /bindloadfile coneheal.txt  It does replace your "H" key bind, so you will have to rely on ctrl+h or to open the help console, or you can map it to another key.  It does not auto target pets or low health people.  You still have to click your heal target, but you don't have to worry about facing them anymore.


Pressing the H key down makes you face your heal target,  releasing the key activates Regrowth.




h "+ $$- $$face$$bindloadfilesilent coneheal2.txt"



h "+ $$- $$powexecName Regrowth$$bindloadfilesilent coneheal.txt"






coneheal.txt coneheal2.txt

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